The Sneak Peek Secret. And Time Management Issues.

I’m going to let you in on a little blogging secret of mine.

I love sneak peek posts.


Because it means I technically blogged…I gave you lovely peoples something new to look at…but I didn’t have to do much work.

Hehe. Yep. It’s true, I do sneak peeks for other reasons too…like letting the client get a little peek at how their shoot turned out, before I even get to look through all the photos usually. I choose my favorite(s) from how ever many I get time to look through the night of the shoot, and voila…a sneak peek is born!

But, I mostly love sneak peeks when I’ve just got too much to do and too little time to actually write a legit blog post.

Tonight, I need to finish up my taxes. Writing this little blurb took me all of five minutes, but I don’t have a full blog post of photos ready to post…what to do?? Well well well…I’m going to pull out my little trick and one-up it. The DOUBLE sneak peek. As in, you’ve already been sneak peeked on most of these shoots (at least I think you have…), but I’m busy and you want pretty things to look at, so you get yet ANOTHER sneak peek! Aren’t you sooo excited??

Yep. Me too. Cool. We are all excited, I get to do my taxes, and you get to look at pretty things. Win-win-win!

Grandma & Cowpa

Aleska & Alex


Sarah & Brandon

Summer & Scott (Oh snap, busting out a wedding I second-shot with Lindsey Tropf last fall and never fully blogged. Bet you didn’t even remember you already got sneak-peeked on this one, did ya??)

Erin & Patrick (And yet again…the last-fall-second-shot-with-Lindsey-too-busy-to-blog-double-sneak-peek. Bam.)

Marti & Blaine (Oh man…I never even sneak-peeked this the first time around. Second-shot this wedding with Jaime of Sweet Serendipity.)

Summer & Adam (Another wedding second-shot with Jaime of Sweet Serendipity and never sneak-peeked.)

Sooo…want to know another secret? This post actually took me way longer than anticipated. Oops. Time management FAIL.

Also, apparently I was in the mood for kissing pics tonight. I didn’t even realize I had picked that many smooching shots. Hehe…oh well! That’s love for ya. Lots of kissing. 🙂

2 thoughts on “The Sneak Peek Secret. And Time Management Issues.

  1. Chrissy

    I was going to say something about all that kissing…and then you said something anyway. Super cute. I think your gparents are so cute. Makes me want to do a mini shoot with mine next time I see them. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Mom

    I, absolutely, love the picture of my parents. That could win an award. Each picture was great. The problem is that it just makes me want more of each shoot. :o)


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