Daydreaming | Sunshine-y Loveliness

Florida has been less the Sunshine State the last couple of days and more the Super Gloomy Let’s All Stay In Bed All Day State. What gives? And on a Monday and Tuesday no less. Just cruel. I even brought a blanket into work because it’s been so stinkin’ cold and dark that I just need SOMETHING cozy to cuddle up under. And why doesn’t Starbucks deliver? Come on now, help a chilly sister out.

Ugh, just checked the weather, and it’s supposed to be thunderstorming here for the next two days. Seriously? A whole week of nada sun? Thanks for that, Florida. Thanks for that.

But, I shall push on. And I shall ignore that nastiness outside and instead just daydream about the sunshine-y loveliness that is Florida in the summer. Because you are just playing a mean April Fool’s joke on me with this gloom, right, Florida? Righhttt??

(Evidence that the lack of sun has affected my brain: I am speaking to a state. I’m losing it.)

Ok, time for sunshine-y dreaminess. I love these photos. Similar style, perfect colors, and just all around dreamy. I love that two of them are available on 20×200. I have yet to buy anything from that site, but holy-afforable-wall-art Batman. I think next time I redecorate my apartment I might just have to incorporate those first two shots somehow. Looking at them just makes me happy….or sunshine-y, if you will.

Both Images Above by Christian Chaize

Image by Allison Conklin

Image by Alicia Bock of Bloom.Grow.Love.


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