WOW. That’s fab.

I’m a blogstalker. It’s true. I like reading about other people’s lives, seeing other people’s photography, and finding out what inspires other people. Reading blogs gives me a fresh perspective on life, art, and just being. I have a number of favorites I follow daily, and there is always something that makes me go, WOW. That’s fab.

There is too much greatness out there for me to be the only one enjoying it all, so today I will share some lovely, fun, inspiring things with you…Enjoy!

The Shadow Project, by Color Me Katie, just makes me smile every time I see it. SO creative, and such a happy way to make art. Check out her whole blog, it’s such a spirit-lifter.

Decorated Bookcases, from A Cup of Joe, are what I will have in my house someday. I’ve always said I want floor-to-ceiling bookcases, and I love the idea of decorating them with more than just books. I pretty much love everything I find on that site.

Jessica Claire’s wedding, everything about it! Those details…wow. Jessica is one of my favorite photographers and I follow her blog daily. I guess after shooting so many weddings, you really know how to plan one! Oh and check out her wedding invitations…to die for!

Illustrated Missed Connections, by Sophie Blackall, are fascinating. Obviously I have a soft spot for the Craigslist Missed Connections. 🙂

Underwater Engagement Photos, taken by Steep Street, found on Green Wedding Shoes. Does it get more creative than that?? So cool!

This hair piece, and really everything made by Twigs and Honey. Someday I will buy something made by Myra. Each piece is just exquisite.

This wedding video, by Shade Tree Films. I literally teared up over this couple who I’ve never even met. I’m eagerly waiting for the Packet of Awesomeness in the mail too…sounds exciting to me!

Jasmine Star’s photography blog. Because she’s amazing, and her story inspires me. And her photography is just FAB.

One of my new fascinations is the craft blog, A Little Gray. The craftmaker/blogger is Jessica Rider, a girl I went to high school with, back when she was Jessica McTaggert and her boyfriend was Nick Rider. I remember having Government class with them when I was a freshman and they were seniors, and I was completely intimidated by their coolness (they were actually SUPER nice to me despite my lowly freshman status). Apparently the coolness lasted well after high school, because now they are married, have an adorable baby, and Jessica is crafty like nobody’s business!  

The yellow shows this bride wore are divine. Courtney Fries is one of the first photographers I started following online, and I fell head over heels in love with her photography, and her writing.

The Blog is Found. Uh.Maze.Ing. I want to know this family. I love their eye for architecture in their photos, and their composition is just so gosh darn creative. Someday I want to attend one of their Shootshops…putting that on the to-do list right now in fact…

The intro to Jesh De Rox’s portfolio site gives me the chills. The first time I was a Stargazing Ladybug, and that just touched something inside me, tickled my insides and made me smile. I got Todd to do it too, and now we make up names for each other depending on our moods. Today he called me his Dreaming Caterpillar, and he was my Dancing Seahorse.

Ok, that’s enough for today. I could go on forever, so maybe this will become a regular post I do–sharing the things that make me smile each week. In fact, Cup of Jo  posts links on her blog every Friday so that people have things to look at over the weekend. I may not do this every week, but I like the concept of sharing inspiration and smiles.

Let me know if you find anything inspiration on the web too! I’d love to see what makes you go WOW. That’s fab. 🙂

P.S. Hammocks are ALWAYS fab.


0 thoughts on “WOW. That’s fab.

  1. Jessica Rider

    Hey Wendy, thanks for the love! That’s so funny reading about how you remember us in high school. We were really just dorks masquerading as cool seniors 🙂

    I’ve actually just started doing some blogging for my friend’s photography biz at You should look around at his stuff, you would love it. And he’s really good at the business side of things and loves to give people advice who are just starting out, if you wanted to email him or something. He’s awesome.

    1. Wendy Norman

      Hey Jessica! I’ve actually looked at Fyrefly Photography’s blog before, and I actually was looking at their rebranding just recently. Love their new logo! That’s cool you blog for them sometimes, and that’s a really great idea to contact your friend for some business advice. I will definitely do that! 🙂 Thanks!!


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