On the Verge of Hhhughblehhhh


That’s the sound of my brain being overloaded with too many thoughts at once. No, but really…I actually make that noise when I reach that moment of too many thoughts converging all at once. I think I freaked Todd out the first time it happened. We were in the car on the way home from work, and as I was trying to explain to him what I was thinking about, it just came out as hhhughblehhhh. Now, since it has sadly happened more than once, he likes to tease me about my brain making audible noises when I’m overhwelmed by too many thoughts. It’s sad really. But that’s me. Always more thoughts in my head than I can handle at once.

That’s probably why I’ve always kept a journal, or for the last few years, some form of blog. I have too many thoughts in my head, so I have to get them down on paper or the computer screen for them to even begin to make sense. Writing helps me organize my thoughts and keeps the hhhughblehhhh moments from happening too often.

So today, since I’m feeling on the verge of hhhughblehhhh, I’m going to write down some of the many thoughts colliding in my head.

1. I need to find a way to infuse more travel into my life. I’ve got the bug.

2. What is my style, what inspires me, what motivates me to create beautiful photos?

3. What am I going to eat for lunch? I’m not even hungry yet, but food is pretty much always on my mind. Sad, I know.

4. What’s the next piece of equipment I should buy? That flash I’ve been eyeing or the lens I think would change the way I shoot? When do I stop debating and just throw down some cash? How much research is too much?  Or, how little is too little?

5. Why didn’t I go to WPPI (a photo conference in Vegas) last week? Was I too scared, or was it really because of the money? I’ve been using money as an excuse, but I have a sneaking suspicion that’s not the real reason.

6. I’m really enjoying the playlist my college friend Sarah sent me. She always picks out the best songs.

7. Sushi and Alice in Wonderland tonight with Todd. I wish every night could be date night.

8. I really need to finish up editing my last few photo shoots. Actually, I really just need a better workflow. Maybe I would have learned about that at WPPI…

9. I need to schedule a haircut…for me, and for Lexie. Oh, and a dentist appointment. And probably other appointments I haven’t even thought about yet.

10. I want to exercise more (This thought is in my head probably 17 out of 24 hours a day. The other 7 hours I’m asleep). A doctor once told me that half an hour of exercise a day has the same effect as taking anti-depressants. And yet, I still have a very hard time getting motivated to exercise.

11. On that note…Why did I eat hot wings, sweet potato fries, a taco, and have beer last night? Seriously, was I begging my body to hate me this morning?

Ok, only 11 thoughts for now. There are more in my head, trust me, but 11 seems sufficient. Wouldn’t want this blog to make your mind go hhhughblehhhh too. 🙂

This isn’t one of my photos, but it just made me smile so I thought I’d share. The dress and those shoes are too cute…and her foot tat is making me want one again…ok, so make that 12 thoughts for today. 😉

Photo by Jasmine Star


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