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out of office.

so. i decided to book two weddings on back-to-back weekends. in december. right before the holidays. call me crazy…you are probably right.

i’m one down and one to go, but in order to maintain my sanity, i’m taking a blogging break this week.

don’t you worry your pretty little heads…i’ll be back full steam next week, with lots and lots of wedding loveliness to share.

and the wedding this weekend is in savannah, be still my heart. can’t wait to be back in my favorite city.

see you next week!


connecticut | just call me a gilmore girl

 finally i am getting around to blogging about my trip to connecticut! i went up there over halloween weekend to visit my sweet friends sarah and jared, and to meet sweet baby adilyn! the trip was so refreshing, even though it didn’t go quiiiite as planned. (see #1 below) we ended up spending half the time at sarah and jared’s house, and half at jared’s brother’s house with his family…which really worked in my favor, because i got to see even more of connecticut!

to sum up the trip, i spent most of my time doing the following things:

1. surviving an actual, legit snowstorm. (it had a name–Alexander–and it knocked out our power. that makes it legit.)

2. drinking mulled cider. (sarah, i want/need that recipe! i’ve been dreaming about it!!)

3. watching the snow fall in total awe. (i’m a florida girl. i’d only seen snow three times before and NEVER quite like that.)

4. cuddling baby adi. (dude. babies are cute. extra cute when you get to hand them back to their momma when the general screaming/pooping/drooling starts.)

5. wearing a ridiculous amount of clothes. (partly functional, as in i-must-wear-three-layers-at-all-times-or-i-will-freeze-to-death, and partly fun, as in yay-for-winter-clothes!)

6. chatting with sarah and jared just like old times. (about anything and everything and nothing in between. perfect.)

7. running through airports like a crazy person. (only to miss my flight. woop woop.)

8. pretending like i was rory gilmore. (you know, because i enrolled at visited yale and all. if you don’t get that reference–or judge me for that reference–we might not be friends.)

9. taking pictures. (duh.)

10. reading the thirteenth tale. (fantastic, btw)

11. getting excited all over again every time i peeked outside and saw ALL.THE.SNOW. (dude. SNOW!!) 

enjoy all the pictures…(of SNOW!)

enid + sophia | holiday mini-session

one of the best parts of holiday sessions is getting to see my little baby clients grow up. i shot five mini-sessions on sunday, and four of the five are repeat clients and three of those five have kids under two years old. which means they have changed soo incredibly much between last year and this year, and it’s pretty much adorable.

example? check out enid and sophia’s shoot from last year…

and now look how grown up sophia is!!

girl’s got style | kendi skeen

welcome to the second “girl’s got style” post!

today i want to introduce you to kendi skeen. she’s the lovely lady behind the adorable style blog kendi everyday, creator of The 30 For 30 Remix, half of the dream duo that are photographers skeen, and the owner of a boutique in mckinney, tx called bloom.

whew! girlfriend is busy!

i have been following kendi’s blog for about a year now, and i am constantly amazed and inspired by the outfits she puts together. she has a unique point of view, and she dresses in affordable, attainable clothing. and bonus…she’s funny! her witty little posts are amusing and entertaining, and they compliment the gorgeous photos perfectly.

(again, note to self: must find a photog hubby STAT!)

alachua county fair.

when i was really little, every october meant three things: 1) my birthday. 2) sesame street live at the o’connell center. 3) the alachua county fair.

yep, i thought i was the luckiest ever that i got to see sesame street live AND go to the fair in my birthday month every year…i think i may have actually thought that was why they came in october–you know, FOR my birthday. but i also thought “winnie the pooh” was actually called “wendy the pooh,” AND i told my friends in kindergarten that i worked at the local wendy’s restaurant after school, because i was THE wendy.

nah…bloggers aren’t narcissistic in the slightest, and it’s definitely NOT evident from a young age. 😉

anyways, obviously sesame street live doesn’t hold quite the appeal for me these days, but i sure as heck haven’t outgrown the fair! ok, well maybe i have a little, considering most of what me, jimena, and lisa talked about as we walked around was how that ride would make us motion sick, or that one would give us a headache, or we would definitely throw up if we rode that one.

ha. old fogies much??

really all we wanted was the fatty food and the people watching, and we got plenty of each. and of course, i wanted to take pictures of all the spectacular color, like the manic little photo-blogger i am. so we wandered. we ate. i shot. we ate some more. and we didn’t ride one.single.ride.

still, it was so much fun! made me feel like a kid again. and brought back memories of the time when a drunk carnie took a liking to my little 5 year old self and gave me a free teddy bear. or that time when i won three goldfish in the ping pong ball game and they proceeded to live for THREE WHOLE YEARS. hardy little fellas, those fair fish.

this post was a bit rambly, but really, did you except anything else from me? didn’t think so. 🙂

jimena had NEVER had a corndog before. so obviously, we had to get one.

and no fair experience is complete without cotton candy, which i brought home with me because i was too stuffed after the corndog/curly fries/lemonade combo. i may or may not have eaten all the cotton candy by the next day. oh, and recognize that outfit? 🙂

i didn’t know you could fry half the things they were frying there…like oreos…

…and straight up BUTTER. not evening kidding. they take half a stick of butter, put some brown sugar on it, and then DEEP FRY IT. good lord. part of me wanted to try it, but more of me wanted to live to see 27.