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adi | 5 months


teague | newborn

it’s so surreal when my clients go from a couple, to a couple with a kid, to a couple with TWO kids! i’ve been taking jenny and josh’s photos since jenny was pregnant with colton…and now, two years later, she has another adorable little boy, teague! i love watching this family grow. 🙂

connecticut | just call me a gilmore girl

 finally i am getting around to blogging about my trip to connecticut! i went up there over halloween weekend to visit my sweet friends sarah and jared, and to meet sweet baby adilyn! the trip was so refreshing, even though it didn’t go quiiiite as planned. (see #1 below) we ended up spending half the time at sarah and jared’s house, and half at jared’s brother’s house with his family…which really worked in my favor, because i got to see even more of connecticut!

to sum up the trip, i spent most of my time doing the following things:

1. surviving an actual, legit snowstorm. (it had a name–Alexander–and it knocked out our power. that makes it legit.)

2. drinking mulled cider. (sarah, i want/need that recipe! i’ve been dreaming about it!!)

3. watching the snow fall in total awe. (i’m a florida girl. i’d only seen snow three times before and NEVER quite like that.)

4. cuddling baby adi. (dude. babies are cute. extra cute when you get to hand them back to their momma when the general screaming/pooping/drooling starts.)

5. wearing a ridiculous amount of clothes. (partly functional, as in i-must-wear-three-layers-at-all-times-or-i-will-freeze-to-death, and partly fun, as in yay-for-winter-clothes!)

6. chatting with sarah and jared just like old times. (about anything and everything and nothing in between. perfect.)

7. running through airports like a crazy person. (only to miss my flight. woop woop.)

8. pretending like i was rory gilmore. (you know, because i enrolled at visited yale and all. if you don’t get that reference–or judge me for that reference–we might not be friends.)

9. taking pictures. (duh.)

10. reading the thirteenth tale. (fantastic, btw)

11. getting excited all over again every time i peeked outside and saw ALL.THE.SNOW. (dude. SNOW!!) 

enjoy all the pictures…(of SNOW!)

slade family | holiday mini-session

love love LOVE this family! it’s been so special to watch sweet bri grow up over the last year and a half. for a little trip down memory lane, check out bri’s baby shootbri’s 3 month old shoot,  the slade family holiday shoot from last year, and bri’s 1st birthday party part one and part two. whew…that’s alot of growing up in one and a half short years! little bri has developed such an adorable personality. that impish grin just says it all!

enid + sophia | holiday mini-session

one of the best parts of holiday sessions is getting to see my little baby clients grow up. i shot five mini-sessions on sunday, and four of the five are repeat clients and three of those five have kids under two years old. which means they have changed soo incredibly much between last year and this year, and it’s pretty much adorable.

example? check out enid and sophia’s shoot from last year…

and now look how grown up sophia is!!

adi baby | the little things

most of you probably already know that i spent the past weekend in connecticut visiting sarah and jared and their new baby adi, and most of you also probably know that connecticut got a crazy record snowstorm this weekend too! i have plenty of snow pictures to share (duh, did you except anything less?), but first i wanted to post a few shots i grabbed of sweet baby adi.

we had grand plans to do a full photo shoot of adi in her nursery, as well as a fun family shoot outside, but the weather had different ideas.

instead, while we had a few minutes between packing up the car to drive to a house with power and emptying their frig contents into a cooler, i grabbed just a few shots of adi all bundled up as we tried to stay warm in the living room.

ideal setting? nope.

warm and cozy room to keep the baby sleepy-happy? pretty much the opposite.

cute headbands and planned outfits? no ma’am, those wouldn’t keep baby warm.

but none of that is important. none of that “makes” a photo happen.

 it’s just the little adi things.

her bright eyes. her tiny fingers. her big, sleepy yawns. her itty bitty lips.

it’s just the little things.