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a little lovely change

well, well, well….look who’s back!!

yep. i’m back to blogging, after a painfully long hiatus. i never intended to just drop off the face of the earth, but a couple things happened. first, i shot two weddings in december, right before going on vacation for the holidays and then on a week-long work trip right after new years. oh, and the trip was for a giant event at work, which means i was working a lot of late nights in betwixt (yes, betwixt) the editing, traveling, and sometimes sleeping.

oh, and i’ve been sick twice since december. because, you know, i had all this extra time on my hands to just lay around.


in a nutshell, i was crazypants for ever taking on two weddings in one month, much less two weddings in december of all months.

so. i melted into a state of mere existence, completely leaving blogging in the dust.

but, i missed it. perhaps that’s a bit sad, but it’s true. i really did miss it.

so, i’m back. kind of.

here’s the deal. this blog started as a place for me to document my photography. a place to share my thoughts about the business, and a place to post photos as i completed shoots.

but then it turned into something more. i found myself wanting to add different elements to the blog, and i introduced style posts and travel posts and all sorts of posts.

but then i felt like the blog got all schizophrenic and weird and it wasn’t focused on photography anymore.

probably because i’m not so focused on photography anymore.

photography has been my life for the last couple of years. sure, i have a completely unrelated full-time job, but every waking moment and every free second was pretty much spent thinking about photography, or shooting, or editing, or blogging, or reading other people’s photography blogs, or emailing clients, or editing editing editing…

and i got burned out. just good old fashioned burned-the-heck-out.

so i’m taking a little step back from photography. i’m not done with it. not even close. but i’m going to be booking fewer shoots, and focusing on smaller projects. i’m not sure when, if ever, i’ll be shooting a wedding again. unfortunately i just got to the point where i can’t handle the workload a wedding brings on, and i miss having a life outside of photography.

i’m just taking a step back.


just because i’m not going to be spending as much time shooting, doesn’t mean i won’t still be blogging. like i said…there are lots of things i was blogging about outside of the realm of photography, and i don’t want to give that up.

so, i’m going to change things up around these here parts. as a cure for my blog’s schizophrenia, and an outlet for some of my new interests, i decided to start a new blog! it will be a place where i can blog about all things lovely…fashion + style. photography. delicious meals. travel. design. DIY projects. great books. and so on.

i am keeping, so definitely keep checking back here for photos. but this blog will now just be photos from shoots i do as part of my business–such as families, couples, babies, that sort of stuff.

from now on, all personal style posts, pictures i take for fun, travel posts, and all that jazz will be moving on over to my new blog

…drumroll please….

so, if you enjoyed this blog (back when i was, you know, actually blogging), then i really hope that you’ll start visiting me over at my new digs. 🙂

so, yeah…that was a lot of words just to say…

hey kiddos, i’m back! some things are different, some are the same, and i’ve got a new blog called a little lovely. hope to see you over there!


Love at First Sight

No, not the ridiculously bad Val Kilmer chick flick.

And no, I don’t have a new boyfriend.

But I do have a new camera.


……drumroll please…….

It’s a Canon 5D Mark II!!!!!!!!

***cue applause***

Yes, it’s true. I dove headfirst. I went straight for the big shabang.

And it was love at first sight.

What if?

What if…

Image via Design Darling

…I told you I love fashion, but I’m often to scared/insecure/insert-other-self-depricating-words-here to wear it?

…I told you that I’ve been realizing lately that fashion is hugely inspiring to me?

…I told you that there are lots of things (like fashion) that I consider blogging about, but they remain in the Graveyard of Unpublished Post Drafts because I chicken out and decide you (my lovely readers) could care less about such things?

…I told you that not only does fashion inspire me, but so does interior design? And prop styling? (Bet you don’t even know what prop styling is, do you? No worries…I didn’t til recently either.)

…I told you that I have blogger-envy and often daydream about being a fashion/personal style/lifestyle blogger (a la Kendi, Carrie, Katie, Miss James or Garance)

…I told you there was more to me than just photography?

…I told you I was on a personal mission to figure out my style, incorporate it more fully into all parts of my life, and infuse all my creative endeavors with a hearty dose of said style?

…I decided to change things up around here? What if you started seeing more of what inspires me, more of what I wear, more creative concept shoots, more about prop styling, and more of just anything and everything I decide is interesting/cool/inspiring at any given moment?

What if I did all those things? What would you think?

Would you be all, There goes that girl with multiple personalities. What’s her name again…Tara? Sybil? She should stay behind that camera and stick to what she knows.

Or would you be all, Dang, this chick is so super cool, and I’m just so inspired by her diverse post topics and intrigued by her slightly-questionable-at-times-yet-hopefully-pretty-cute fashion sense and I can’t wait to see what other wackadoodle things she will yap about.

I really am curious! Would you like to see me blog about things other than photography? I know I’ve kind of sporadically done this over the last year (like here, here, and here), but never as part of my regularly scheduled blogging. Opinions, thoughts, shoutouts, and general ramblings in the comments section would be much (much!) appreciated.

Gift Cards | The Quick, Easy, and Totally Awesome Gift

I am not a very good Christmas shopper. I always start off with these great intentions to buy really personal, meaningful presents for EVERYONE. Something well thought out, something that says, “I know you super well and I love you lots, so I bought you this super sweet gift that will bring tears to your eyes it’s so perfect.”

And then, it’s already December and I haven’t done a lick of shopping. And I end up getting things like a poster of a chicken for my Dad (What? He likes chickens!) or Bath and Body Works soaps for my mom multiple years in a row (She loves them but won’t buy them for herself). Ok, so they actually liked those gifts alot, but they were definitely last minute buys. I’m still not sure what I’m getting everyone this year, but if I don’t do some shopping soon, they could very well have something to do with chickens or soap again.

If you are anything like me, quick and easy (but totally awesome) are the ingredients for the perfect last-minute Christmas gifts. So if you want a quick, easy, and totally awesome gift, think about buying an Anwen Elizabeth Photography gift card!

Eh hem…shameless self-promotion alert…

I am now offering gift cards for mini-shoots ($75) and regular sessions ($150)…still at 2010 pricing through the end of the year! 2011 prices will go into effect on Jan. 1, but if you buy a gift card for someone before then, the card will be good for all of 2011…but you paid like it was 2010. 🙂

Gift cards aren’t just for Christmas though…they are great gifts for baby showers, birthdays, even Mother’s Day! Heck, if you got a jump on Mother’s Day in December, then you are like a PRO gift giver, and I think I could learn a few things from you.

Contact me ( today if you would like to purchase a gift card, and I’ll make sure you get it in time to put under the tree!

Packaging | I Love Paper

I love paper. In any form really. Books.  Stationary. Thank you cards. Scrapbooks. Brand new lined notebooks for school (you know, way back when). Birthday cards. Snail mail. Notes passed in class. Post-its. Magazines.

If it’s any part paper, I probably love it.

So, when I ran out of the cards and envelopes I’ve been using to package the disks I give to clients, I got all giddy because that meant a trip to Michael’s was in order. (I may have a slight addiction to Michael’s, but that’s another blog post.)  I’m still developing my brand and identifying what makes up Anwen Elizabeth Photography, and product packaging has been a fun way to play a little bit with my branding. So I headed off to Michael’s, my credit card burning a hole in my pocket, thrilled to be going to paper heaven on a mission to actually BUY something! (I often wander into Michael’s and just end up drooling over things but knowing I don’t really need anything and leaving sad I didn’t get to buy anything.)  I ended up sticking with the basics of my packaging, but I added in a few extra touches here and there. I’m going to be offering some new products through the site soon too, which means even MORE packaging will need to be bought. Yay!

Here’s a little preview of what future clients will be seeing…

Reminder | For the Love | Starbucks & Headshots

RE-POST! Just a little reminder that the “For the Love” photo get-together is coming up this Saturday. Are YOU coming? 🙂


I’m on a mission.

The mission is to become friends with more local photographers. Yep, I want to befriend the competition. Why? Because I don’t really think of it like that, of other photographers being my “competition.” Call me naïve, or a newbie who doesn’t know how these things work…that’s fine. Maybe I will learn the hard way and this will bite me in the ass. Or maybe I’ll end up with a stellar group of friends who share my passion, who push me to get better at my craft, who challenge me to be more creative and more unique.

So, in an attempt to complete my mission, my friend Sarah and I decided to form a little group called “For the Love.” Essentially the group is for photographers who want to get together just for the love…of photography, of friendship, of creativity, of coffee chats, of pretty things, etc. We originally wanted to plan a shoot just for fun where we could design and execute a shoot concept and then get a group of photographers together to shoot at the same time. We had it all planned (you may remember seeing my post about it), and at the last minute the models we had weren’t able to make it. We were bummed, but not deterred. So since it’s currently smack dab in the middle of football season, Christmas card shoot season, and the end of wedding season, we decided to plan a get-together rather than a shoot…a little less planning required and more likely it would actually happen. Our idea is to meet up at Starbucks in downtown Gainesville to grab coffee and chat, and then to hit the streets for a bit with our cameras to grab some headshots of each other. Sound like fun? We think so!!

So if you love photography, want to make some friends who share your passion, or just socialize with some of the photography friends you already have, come join us! All levels of photography skill are welcome…whether you just bought your first DSLR or you’ve got a full-time photography business. If you love photography, we want to meet you! 🙂

Here are the details…

When: Saturday, Nov. 20 at 9:30am (There’s a Gator game at noon that day, so we are planning on being done before the game starts.)

Where: Starbucks, Downtown G’ville

Why: To get together for coffee, conversations, and some photos!

What to Bring: Your camera! And wear cute clothes since we’ll be taking photos of each other.

No need to RSVP, but if you don’t know either me or Sarah, shoot one of us an e-mail just so we will know to look for you!



Leave me some comment love if you like this idea…Lexie wasn’t very supportive when I told her, but that might be because I had just given her a bath and she was still pouting. Haha…silly pup!