a little lovely change

well, well, well….look who’s back!!

yep. i’m back to blogging, after a painfully long hiatus. i never intended to just drop off the face of the earth, but a couple things happened. first, i shot two weddings in december, right before going on vacation for the holidays and then on a week-long work trip right after new years. oh, and the trip was for a giant event at work, which means i was working a lot of late nights in betwixt (yes, betwixt) the editing, traveling, and sometimes sleeping.

oh, and i’ve been sick twice since december. because, you know, i had all this extra time on my hands to just lay around.


in a nutshell, i was crazypants for ever taking on two weddings in one month, much less two weddings in december of all months.

so. i melted into a state of mere existence, completely leaving blogging in the dust.

but, i missed it. perhaps that’s a bit sad, but it’s true. i really did miss it.

so, i’m back. kind of.

here’s the deal. this blog started as a place for me to document my photography. a place to share my thoughts about the business, and a place to post photos as i completed shoots.

but then it turned into something more. i found myself wanting to add different elements to the blog, and i introduced style posts and travel posts and all sorts of posts.

but then i felt like the blog got all schizophrenic and weird and it wasn’t focused on photography anymore.

probably because i’m not so focused on photography anymore.

photography has been my life for the last couple of years. sure, i have a completely unrelated full-time job, but every waking moment and every free second was pretty much spent thinking about photography, or shooting, or editing, or blogging, or reading other people’s photography blogs, or emailing clients, or editing editing editing…

and i got burned out. just good old fashioned burned-the-heck-out.

so i’m taking a little step back from photography. i’m not done with it. not even close. but i’m going to be booking fewer shoots, and focusing on smaller projects. i’m not sure when, if ever, i’ll be shooting a wedding again. unfortunately i just got to the point where i can’t handle the workload a wedding brings on, and i miss having a life outside of photography.

i’m just taking a step back.


just because i’m not going to be spending as much time shooting, doesn’t mean i won’t still be blogging. like i said…there are lots of things i was blogging about outside of the realm of photography, and i don’t want to give that up.

so, i’m going to change things up around these here parts. as a cure for my blog’s schizophrenia, and an outlet for some of my new interests, i decided to start a new blog! it will be a place where i can blog about all things lovely…fashion + style. photography. delicious meals. travel. design. DIY projects. great books. and so on.

i am keeping www.anwenelizabethphotography.com, so definitely keep checking back here for photos. but this blog will now just be photos from shoots i do as part of my business–such as families, couples, babies, that sort of stuff.

from now on, all personal style posts, pictures i take for fun, travel posts, and all that jazz will be moving on over to my new blog

…drumroll please….

so, if you enjoyed this blog (back when i was, you know, actually blogging), then i really hope that you’ll start visiting me over at my new digs. 🙂

so, yeah…that was a lot of words just to say…

hey kiddos, i’m back! some things are different, some are the same, and i’ve got a new blog called a little lovely. hope to see you over there!


One thought on “a little lovely change

  1. Mom

    It was so exciting to click on AEPhot. and find a new post about your new blog plus a photoshoot! I knew you were thinking about it, but had no idea you had done this over the week-end. Sneaky! You took a much needed and deserved break and I hope you don’t feel pressure to produce, but do it out of pure enjoyment only when you feel like it. I love you!


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