fashion conundrums.

i kind of love everything about this outfit. the skirt is new, so that’s fun. and the deep blue just makes me happy. and obviously i’ve already admitted to my infatuation with the tied shirt trend. and those nude pumps always make me feel fabulous.

confessions of a white girl: the pumps aren’t technically the shoe color “nude.” nope, they are actually the shoe color “bone,” because my extreme whiteness was too much for “nude.” had to tone it down to “bone” to get that streamlined leg look.

but i think people would get weirded out if i referred to them as my “bone pumps.” although come to think of it, my ” nude pumps” isn’t much better. so what do i call them???

oh, the fashion conundrums.


tied shirt: forever 21

tank top: old navy

skirt: target

shoes: payless


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