it’s cyber monday. and i gave in to the brilliance.

it’s cyber monday, and i gave into the madness. except it’s not really madness, it’s actually brilliance!

see, i love clothes, and i LOVE great deals…

but i kind of hate waking up early, especially to do battle with crazy people and stand in line for hours. (ie…i’m not a black friday kind of girl. i mean, i still went shopping on black friday, but i went at like 2pm. i’m so not hardcore.)

anyways, back to the brilliance of cyber monday: i just shopped on my lunch break at work. i didn’t have to wake up early. i didn’t have to battle any psycho shoppers. AND i got some fantabulous deals.

here’s the skinny… was already having a 25% off sale.

but then i scooped up an extra 20% off code (HAPPYBLACKFRIDAY) from cup of jo!


my original total was $117.26. admittedly still a great deal for so many pretty things.

but then cyber monday came along and made my day even more awesome…and the grand total came out to 93.81!! for ALLL the things below!!

and bonus…ASOS offers free returns/exchanges…so it’s like a win-win-win situation. or something.

oh, and one more thing. i kind of love that all of the items i bought could be worn together. (well, you know, one pair of tights at a time, but you get my drift.) makes me feel like the money was even more worth it. 93 buckaroos for a complete outfit?

yep, sure, i’ll take it!

cyber monday…you’ve got yourself a new fan.


ASOS Button Through Dress with Pintucks

ASOS Leopard Print Skinny Belt

ASOS 80 Denier Tobacco Tights

ASOS 80 Denier Winter White Opaque Tights

ASOS Carved Rose & Flower Ring 


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