pause. breathe. be thankful.

so i realized i blogged a post called  “i need. i want.” during the week of thanksgiving. hah! could i get any more un-thankful?? geez.

in my defense, it was about needing and wanting good changes in my life, but if you didn’t read the post, you wouldn’t know that!

and really, i was talking to my mom about the post last night, and i got all whiny and complainy and all “what do i want to do with my life…omg i have no direction…i’m failing at everrryythinggg…i talk big game and neverrrr follow through on anything…omggggg…..”

i may or may not be over-dramatic on occasion. maybe.

really, i need to chill. yes, i feel all of those things at times, and i was feeling them when i wrote the post and i’m still feeling some of them at this moment. but the reality of life at THIS moment, this very second, is that i should be thankful for everything i DO have, rather than fast-forwarding my life and lamenting all the things i DON’T have yet.

so, as a reality check for myself, i am going to post a super awesomely cliche “things i’m thankful for” list on this lovely thanksgiving day 2011. so that when i’m being ridiculously slightly over-dramatic, i’ll have a reminder that i need to stop. appreciate. and just slowwww my roll. so, funny or serious, here’s my list…

1. i’m thankful that my dad has a job!

2. i’m thankful that my sweet grandparents are still alive and i get to spend another thanksgiving with them.

3. i’m thankful that my car hasn’t broken down in over a year. (knock on wood!!)

4. i’m thankful that i have a job with good pay and benefits.

5. i’m thankful that i have made some wonderful, special new friends this year.

6. i’m thankful that red mango opened in gainesville.

7. i’m thankful that my family is healthy.

8. i’m thankful that my mom is my best friend.

9. i’m thankful that Netflix streams movies and TV shows.

10. i’m thankful that i never have to worry about where i’m going to sleep or where my next meal is coming from.

11. i’m thankful that i have a dog who is half human/half cat.

12. i’m thankful that i have learned to listen to my body and treat it right with good food and exercise. (now just have to work on remembering this one…)

13. i’m thankful that i have lost weight and gotten into better shape than i have been in a long time.

14. i’m thankful that i get to wear tights, boots and scarves for the next couple of months.

15. i’m thankful that i have turned a hobby into a small business that allows me to save up money for traveling and other fun things.

16. i’m thankful that i have learned to love myself and embrace my quirks. (still a daily process)

17. i’m thankful for books. all of them.

18. i’m thankful for fresh market.

19. i’m thankful that i get to live close enough to my family to see them often.

20. i’m thankful for all of the sweet, supportive people who have encouraged me in so many ways this year.

alright, that’s obviously not an exhaustive list, and yep, many of the things are completely cliche…

…but it’s probably the cliche things that i often forget to be thankful for.

so don’t forget the cliches this thanksgiving.

put aside your needs and wants, and just pause.


be thankful.

happy thanksgiving!!


3 thoughts on “pause. breathe. be thankful.

  1. Mom

    And I’m thankful to be included in your list of things you’re thankful for. And I’m thankful for you!!!
    And for that precious picture of my Mom and Dad!
    Love, Your Mom


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