i need. i want.

sometimes i just want to push the reset button.

i want to wake up without all the chaos or complications whirling around me.

i want to feel fresh. clean. open.

i need to make some changes.

i need to reevaluate some priorities.

i need to learn to say no.

i’ve never been big on new year’s resolutions (they just stress me out).

but a new year feels like a blank slate and a fresh piece of chalk and complete freedom to just go for it…

…whatever “it” is.

a new year is an excuse to make the decisions you’ve i’ve been putting off all year because apathy is easier than action.*

a new year stretches out like a forest path, transparent yet cloudly, beckoning you into its mists and secrets.

it’s exciting. terrifying. refreshing.

i need to make some changes.

some i’ve decided on.

some are still being weighed.

some i may not even know about yet.

there are certain areas of my life i must focus on….

…for the sake of my health, sanity, and even my creativity.

so changes there shall be.

heh. i’m getting excited just thinking about it.

images here and here

*thanks to John Acuff for writing about apathy in Quitter. I needed that.


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