how to wear: hot pink tights

so, i wore this outfit to work. yep, hot pink tights to my corporate 9-5. hey, a girl’s gotta do something to spice up the everyday mundane, right??

and, funny thing…the day after i wore this outfit and snapped these pics, my friend clara (who doesn’t work with me and hadn’t seen this outfit) messaged me that she almost bought hot pink tights but had no idea how to style them “without looking like punky brewster.” that’s a legit problem right there!

so, here’s how you do it. or shall i say, here’s how i did it.

i had purchased the tights over the summer (best time to get a good deal) and i was dying to wear them…but like clara, i was a little unsure of how to rock the pink without looking too cray-cray for work. so, i decided if i was going to have a leg party going on (the redheaded stepchild of the arm party perhaps?), i should probably go for neutral and professional with the rest of the outfit. so, white and gray are pretty neutrals and look sweet with pink, and a blazer makes any outfit more “professional.” (or so i tell myself…although lauren conrad does a great job rocking the casual blazer, so maybe we i need to stereotyping blazers. blazers have feelings too.)

to sum up (hehe pun intended):

neutrals + blazer + hot pink tights = cure for the common clothes

now that i’ve figured out a good little equation for working bright tights into my 9-5 wardrobe, i want more colors! i do have a kickin’ teal color and a yellow pair already, but i.want.MORE!


jacket: LOFT via Sandy’s Savvy Chic Resale Boutique

dress: Target

tights: Old Navy


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