looks like candy.

ugh. i had this whole post all typed out and lovely, and wordpress decided to freak out and lose the whole thing. thanks, thanks for that, wordpress. and bonus…i couldn’t get it to refresh til this morning, so by that time i forgot everything i had written.

all i remember is that i was going to tell you that a guy at work told me i looked like candy when i was wearing this outfit. compliment? sure why not.

other than that, i pretty much blathered on about how this skirt was too short for work without tights and then i added tights and voila…magically work appropriate.

oh, and i think i said this outfit made me feel awesome, which always makes my day more awesomer, and in fact, i had a very successful meeting on the day i wore this outfit. so yeah. dress for success, people.

that may or may not have recapped what i wrote last night in a slightly less eloquent and certainly less witty way. sorry, guys. that’s all i got. shake your fists at wordpress for me.



shirt: forever 21

skirt: target via sandy’s savvy chic resale boutique

tights: nine west via ross

wedges: urban outfitters


2 thoughts on “looks like candy.

    1. Anwen Elizabeth Photography Post author

      Eh, it’s ok. It happens! And thanks…I really love this outfit too. The red shoes are SO fun to wear! 🙂


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