winter shorts

in florida we have a grand total of two seasons…

season 1: HOT

season 2: slightly-less-hot-and-occasionally-cold-ish

i think people who live in legitimately cold climates actually own clothes meant only for summer or only for winter, and they can “put away” certain items of clothing for a good part of the year, knowing they won’t have the opportunity to wear them.

not so in florida, my friends. it could be 80 degrees on christmas day and then in the 20s on new year’s eve…florida weather is schizo like that.

so, while i do “put away” my coats and heavy sweaters during the HOT season, i keep absolutely everything else in my closet year ’round.

i use the tights and boots method of dress to keep my shorts relevant and practical throughout the year. as much as i love the shorts and a blazer look, shorts are only practical for me during the winter cold-ish season with tights or leggings thrown into the mix.

what? i freeze  in the cold-ish season, peoples! and even though we are taught (brainwashed?) that beauty is pain, i mostly disagree with that. i enjoy being comfortable. i just do. sure, i might rock pair of heels on a night out, knowing i will be barefoot and wincing by 2am, but that’s about the only time i’ll sacrifice a body part for the sake of fashion. plus, i heart tights (have you noticed that by now?), so any excuse to wear them is a-ok with me.

but i digress.

the point is, when you are getting dressed, don’t forget your shorts.

EDITED TO ADD: i got asked whether i wore this to work, and i realized i totally should have specified. still new to this style posting thing…bear with me! i actually wore this outfit on the weekend, to a wii/board game party. 🙂



shirt: target

shorts: forever 21 via sandy’s savvy chic resale boutique

tights: nine west via ross



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