girl’s got style | bri emery

yo yo yo…it’s friday, ya’ll! i’m extra specially happy this particular friday, because a) i am finally (mostly) recovered from the cold that kicked my arse this week and b) it’s homecoming weekend here in gator country, so it means i’ve got friends coming into town for the game! and they are staying with me!

yep. should be good times all around.

but that’s not really what i’m here to share with you peoples today.

i want to start a new friday blog topic called “girl’s got style.” you’ve probably seen that i’ve started posting some of my own personal style pictures, but trust me…i am just one of MANY girls who do this, and there are some truly fabulous girls out there sporting some seriously killer outfits. i find inspiration in their blogs all the time, and i want to share that loveliness with you!

so, every friday (hopefully), i will feature a style/fashion blogger. i wish i could say i knew these people and they were providing me with original content, but nope…i am just picking some of my favorite looks from what they’ve posted on their site to show you here.

make sense? okie dokie then!

first up, i want you all to know about bri emery. she’s a graphic designer in LA, the art director for rue magazine, the talent behind the fabulously awesome blog designlovefest, and she’s half of the duo that puts on blogshops all over the world. in other words, she’s awesome incarnate, with an insanely cool sense of style and a flair for the fantastic.

meet bri! (and seriously, go read her blog. the amount of inspiration is redonkulous.)


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