from work to play (the secret way!)

first of all, forgive the poor picture quality…i took these after work, when the sun was already setting, which never works out well, and yeah…the photographer in me is shamed by the photo quality.

but despite the bad lighting and slight color problems, i think you can see what i did here.

mini-dress over skirt = work appropriate.

mini-dress by itself = night on the town!

whouda thunk it??

when i shop, i often look for pieces that can translate into multiple situations. a tank top that could go with shorts in the summer or be covered by a cardigan in the winter or go under a blazer for work…you get the idea. i like my clothes to multi-task. not only does it get me more for my money, but it also means i can wear the majority of my closet year round, if i just get a little creative with how i combine the pieces.

but this little skirt over dress combo was a first for me! i wish i could say i was just that brilliant and came up with this myself, but nope. i jacked the idea from kendi.

i’ve been wanting to do this for so long, but i hadn’t met the right dress yet. i tend to buy dresses with defined waists and fuller bottoms (they suit my body type better), but those don’t fit under a skirt very well. so when i stumbled upon this little mod number at francesca’s, i new i had struck gold. not only is it shaped correctly and light-weight enough to tuck under a longer skirt, but it also can be worn with tights and heels for a 60s vibe (as I did above), or it could be worn with cute ballet flats and a cardigan…you get the picture.

completely versatile and oh-so-cute! and really, it had me at puff sleeves. the gorgeous color and awesome versatility were just a bonus.

i loved wearing it to work with the gray skirt and knowing my little secret…hehe, it’s a dress people! A DRESS! tucked into a skirt!! and you never would have known, except i spilled the beans. you’re welcome. 🙂

dress: Francesca’s | skirt: LOFT via Sandy’s Savvy Chic Resale Boutique | shoes: Payless | bracelet: Sandy’s Savvy Chic Resale Boutique


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