counting + drooling.

ever since i opened that j.crew email the other day, i’ve been opening all of them to see what other artsy, lovely marketing tactics they are throwing my way. i haven’t seen anything else quite as awesome as the no.2 pencil skirt, but it has made me start lusting after j.crew’s clothes more than usual.

but the funny thing is…i don’t actually own a single thing from j.crew.

gasp! shock! awe!

no but really…i love the brand, the style is lovely, and the quality is…well, quality…

but it’s got a hefty pricetag to match all that awesomeness.

while i’m sure it’s so totally worth every penny, i don’t have enough extra pennies laying around to make me want to spend them all at j.crew. if i end up with a piece of clothing from j.crew anytime soon, it will probably be from a consignment store, or mayyybbeee someday i’ll save up for a really special investment piece, like a warm coat, or a little black dress, or a great pair of boots.

but for now, j.crew is just a source of inspiration, a place to find style ideas that i can translate into more affordable options. 

i love each of the pieces above, and they are all on my list of things i need (err, want?)…but for now, i’ll just have to drool from a distance. and while i sit around counting my pennies and wiping my chin, i’ll keep an eye out for some budget-friendly alternatives…because every girl needs a sequin shirt and leopard print belt, right? right??

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