adi baby | the little things

most of you probably already know that i spent the past weekend in connecticut visiting sarah and jared and their new baby adi, and most of you also probably know that connecticut got a crazy record snowstorm this weekend too! i have plenty of snow pictures to share (duh, did you except anything less?), but first i wanted to post a few shots i grabbed of sweet baby adi.

we had grand plans to do a full photo shoot of adi in her nursery, as well as a fun family shoot outside, but the weather had different ideas.

instead, while we had a few minutes between packing up the car to drive to a house with power and emptying their frig contents into a cooler, i grabbed just a few shots of adi all bundled up as we tried to stay warm in the living room.

ideal setting? nope.

warm and cozy room to keep the baby sleepy-happy? pretty much the opposite.

cute headbands and planned outfits? no ma’am, those wouldn’t keep baby warm.

but none of that is important. none of that “makes” a photo happen.

 it’s just the little adi things.

her bright eyes. her tiny fingers. her big, sleepy yawns. her itty bitty lips.

it’s just the little things.


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