three things + a flower pin.

well hello lovely peoples. yep, it’s another style post! i really wish i had some awesomely witty things to say, or some fabulous fashion tips to give, but alas…i am still sick. so i’ll just say three things:

1. flower pins solve everything.

2. the color in these photos is kind of off. my cardigan is really more peachy-colored. just thought you should know.

3. this was one of those outfits i felt pretty decent about when i left the house and then proceeded to dislike little by little as the day went on. oh well…it happens. just keeping it real here on the ole blog. figured i’d post the outfit anyways, because personal style is all about the hits and the misses, and just figuring out what the heck looks good and feels good. this outfit–felt eh, looked eh. really only liked the flower pin by the end of the day.  (see #1 for reference)

yep, that’s all you get. three things. and a flower pin.


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