j.crew genius.

i don’t know about you, but i get so many emails from j.crew/francesca’s/urban outfitters/modcloth/banana republic/piperlime/etc that i’ve started to kind of block them out. occasionally a message gets through to my oversaturated brain (like the sale i hit up at francesca’s last weekend), but more often than not i barely bother to click the button that makes the pictures appear in the body of the email. it’s open, skim, delete, forget. or, just delete.

but, i’m oh-so-glad i paused for a second and actually took in the loveliness of j.crew’s latest email blast.

the styling. the witty copy. the colors. the clothes. the pose.

the perfection.

we all know jenna lyons is pretty close to perfection herself (she’s the creative director for j.crew, in case you didn’t know), but really, when you can make a standard email marketing campaign into a work of art…that’s pure genius.



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