gone to the birds | embracing prints

i was blown away by the response to my first ever personal style post yesterday…ya’ll are so awesome! glad everyone wasn’t completely annoyed to see photos of me on here…and since i’m still a little nervous about this whole style blogging thing, i figured i might as well keep the ball rolling and give you another one today! 🙂

so. this outfit. yep, there are birds on my dress. i’ve been embracing prints recently, and this one was too perfect to pass up. because really, who doesn’t feel more awesometastic covered in birds??

(ok, maybe people who are scared of birds, or saw the movie birds, or have been sky-bombed by birds, but these are harmless little printed birds who are just cute and not scary and now i’m digressing into complete meaningless rambleareyoustillwithme?! did you know i used to own a bird? ok i’m done.)

let’s break down this outfit beyond the birds…

i hit up the “buy one get one half off sale” (which is like the redheaded stepchild of the classic BOGO…they trick you into thinking you are saving money, when really you are spending more than you meant to. oops…) at francesca’s over the weekend, and the minute i tried on this dress i knew it had to be mine. when it came to styling it up at home, i went with a couple understated pops of color (rust belt/ring and hunter green tights) to add a little somethin’ somethin’ to the dress’ subtle color palette. and then of course, the cognac boots pulled the whole thing together. can you tell already that i’ll be wearing these constantly this season?

le outfit details…

dress: francesca’s

belt: forever 21

ring: forever 21

tights: uhh…no idea. probably target.

boots: chinese laundry for francesca’s


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