a little something new.

i blog about lots of different things. photography, fashion, interior design, music, my dog, local adventures…you get the pictures. there’s not much of a rhyme or reason to what I blog about…it’s  pretty much just whatever i find interesting, inspiring, or lovely at the moment.

so, all that said, this won’t surprise you one bit…i’m going to start blogging about even MORE things!

what things, you ask?

well. a couple different things actually. but i’m only revealing one today.

i’m going to start doing personal style/outfit posts. as in, photos of me, wearing an outfit, and talking about it.

photos of me. ummm, yikes!

i know what you are thinking…geez, wendy! narcissistic much??

well. perhaps. i think anyone with a blog must have some narcissistic tendencies. but you are still here reading this, so you must love me in spite of that. aww thanks. 🙂

but really, my reasons for doing outfit posts are simple:

1) i love clothes. (and i blog about things i love.)

2) i think getting dressed is an act of creativity. (and i blog about things that i have created or that inspire me to create.)

3) clothes can be a fabulously fun way to express yourself, and i wish more people felt like they could wear what they want to wear, just because it makes them feel awesome. i’ve only embraced this method of self-expression in the last year or so, and now i want to shout to the world…getting dressed can be FUN!!

4) i don’t think you have to break the bank to dress well, and people are always surprised when they find out that many things i wear are from consignment or thrift stores, or that i found a wicked good sale. so i want to share some stuff i’ve learned about how to look fabulous without making your bank account cry.

so. all that said, i want to throw a little outfit post disclaimer out there:

i definitely DO NOT think i am the most stylish person out there. (you can find those people here, here, here, and here.) i just want to share my love for clothes and personal style with you lovely people, and if it’s interesting to you…great! if not, well, part of the reason i blog is selfish–i like documenting my life and remembering what i’ve learned along the way.

so if i am going to be sharing outfits for the world (er, my mom and dad and the other two randoms who read this blog) to see, it will challenge me to be creative in what i wear, and it will help me learn even more what looks good on me and what doesn’t. there will probably be days you hate my outfits…it’s ok, i often decide halfway through the day that i’m not digging what i’m wearing. but that’s part of the process, and it’s all good. 🙂

ready for this new little adventure to start? heeeeere weeee goooo…..

oh wait, i have another disclaimer. seems like most the successful style bloggers lucked into marrying a photographer (see: Kendi Everyday) who takes all their pictures and makes them look like models. not hating on kendi, actually totally jealous, but yeah…no such luck for me…yet. 🙂 (watch out photog boys…i’ve got my eye on you!) for now, you get little old me taking photos of myself in the mirror, old school myspace style. (minus the emo swoop and lipstick writing on the mirror…gotta keep it classy up in here, duh!)

ha. ok…disclaimers done. can you tell i’m nervous to finish this post and click publish??? yikes…

where: breakfast at flying biscuit and shopping at the mall

what: jumper: old navy| tights: maybe target? | boots: chinese laundry at francesca’s (bought a couple months ago on sale–30% off!) | sweater: last season at target


5 thoughts on “a little something new.

  1. Sarah

    Yay!!! So proud of you for being so courageous and doing this. Not to make it sound like you need to be courageous to do this — you look fab! 🙂 I need some more fashion advice now that I’m out of mommy jeans — it’s kinda fun going through my closet, like I’ve gotten a whole new wardrobe to wear!

    1. Anwen Elizabeth Photography Post author

      Sarah–thanks SO much for the support and encouragement. Can’t wait to get up there and see you!! We can play in your new-found wardrobe all you want! 🙂

  2. Jac

    Chinese Laundry is the best for cute inexpensive boots that don’t look cheap! I love the camel color Chloe boots that LC wears throughout her Style book…

    They’re only $1K (ish) 😛 and your boots look almost exactly like them!!!! Love!

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