one small change.

sometimes it’s the smallest changes that make the biggest difference. i’ve been (slowly) working on redecorating my bedroom, and i’ve been wanting to update my lamp pretty much ever since i got it two years ago. when i bought my bedside table off craigslist, the seller threw in the lamp for cheap. i like the base, but the shade was bleh. typical, accordian pleats, dull cream color…just bleh. but lampshades can be pricey, and i wasn’t sure what i wanted, so i just let the old one stick around far too long.

but then, i was in goodwill yesterday, and ahhhh-ahhhh (that’s the sound of angels singing)…there it was! the perfect lampshade! crisp white, no pleats, modern round shape…it was love at first sight. and bonus…it was only $2.99! done and done. and look at the difference! the light coming from the lamp even looks less yellow-y.

one small change, one big difference.


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