eh. or something.

i go through phases when i write more, and phases when i write less.

i can tell when i’m feeling uninspired, because my journal and blog writing dwindles.

(and if i go through a phase when i’m not reading…well, something is really off. but i’m happy to report that i am currently reading my life in france by julia child. )

i haven’t been writing much lately, so i know that i’m feeling a little…eh. or something.

but this morning? it’s the first chilly day of the year, and i think i felt something wake up in me a little. the transition between seasons is refreshing. the summer doldrums are still lingering, clouding my mind and exhausting my spirit, but the cool air is trickling its way in. tingling my senses. reminding my insides that there is always something new around the corner.

maybe i am just craving inspiration. lusting after change, chasing after something, anything, nothing. it’s a good feeling, an uncomfortable feeling. it makes my insides itch. maybe all “artists” get this way sometimes? i don’t know.

i just hope that inspiration finds me soon, fills the empty spots and sets my heart racing again.

image found here


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