missoni moodboard. (are you sick of missoni yet??)

yes. it’s true. if you follow me on twitter, you know that jimena and i drove all the way to the target in ocala last night for missoni, as gainesville was picked clean. and i came away with a dress that was totally and completely worth the effort, plus i had my first experience with five guys fries. (amazeballs, btw) but, you’ll have to wait to see which dress chose me i chose, because i think it is just perfect enough to warrant my first ever style post on this blog, featuring yours truly. gulp. yeah, i’m gonna take pictures of myself. yeah, it will probably be weird. yeah, you’ll probably think gee how narcissistic. yeah, i will probably feel hella awkward and self-conscious. but, i’ve got a fun idea for the post, so i think it will also be a little bit of awesome. stay tuned.

as a teaser, i thought i’d put together a little mood board based on the color palette of my new dress. loving the deep hues and saturated colors!

images found here | herehere | here | here

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