missoni for target (embrace the madness)

 so, one day this brand named missoni and this superstore named target did the horizontal tango, and poof! out came a brightly colored baby.

ok, that was supposed to be cute and witty, and i think it just came out weird. ah well. how else do you start off a post about the sheer and utter madness that is today’s launch of missoni for target?

now, i love me some fashion, but oddly enough, missoni has never been a brand i was attracted too. only recently have i begun incorporating bright patterns into my wardrobe, so i think the idea of neon chevron on top of purople stripes on top of more neon chevron may have previously intimidated me. however, people change, and i’m joining the missoni band wagon. just in time apparently, as missoni and target just made that baby that i can actually afford. (again with the weird. i know.)

 so yeah. missoni for target launches today, and i’m going straight to target after work with jimena to see what goodies are left for us to snag. the launch is so gosh darn popular, target’s site has actually been down for hours, and some stores sold out of some/all items by 9:00am this morning. good lordy, peoples! ya’ll love you some missoni, huh?

well, i’ll be joining the madness tonight, and it will be interesting to see if gainesville had the same reaction as the big cities. something tells me gainesville ain’t missoni’s target market, but hey…color me corrected if i get there and everything is gone already. i’ll keep you posted…

for now, here are a few pieces i’m loving from the collection.


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