monique | gainesville headshots

I like a challenge. And a new type of shoot is always a fun challenge.

When Monique contacted me about shooting some headshots for her, I was immediately interested. However, I’d never shot actual headshots before, so I did some reading online about what was expected. I never knew there were trends in headshots, such as whether they were vertical or horizontal, or what types of backgrounds were “in.” According to my research, these days the horizontal headshot is making an appearance (in an effort to catch a casting director’s attention as they flip through a pile of mostly vertical shots), but vertical is still ok and mostly expected–so I gave Monique both versions so she had options. The background should be unobtrusive but complimentary, so I choose the Thomas Center as our location, as it provides a variety of good, basic backgrounds (grass, brick, concrete). One my biggest challenges during this shoot was to keep in mind that I would be cropping every image to 8 x 10 inches. I usually crop-in-camera (which means when I take a picture, I am composing the shot in the camera exactly as I want it…I rarely do ANY post-cropping unless it’s to size a shot for a specific print size), so shooting with the expectation to crop was a little hard to get used to. I had to leave alot of negative space around the subject, to give me the option to crop down and still maintain a nice composition. It felt sloppy, but it turned out perfectly…I had plenty of room to crop as needed, and it was actually kind of fun to get to play with the composition some during post-processing.

All-in-all…it was a challenge, but it was fun, and I love how the photos turned out. Isn’t Monique just stunning?? 🙂

lovely makeup by Kara Winslow 

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