PINspiration | black. white. off-camera light.

 I did it, guys. I finally bit the bullet and invested in some off-camera lighting (hereafter referred to as OCL, because I’m super cool and all legit photog like that). I am going to be slowly adding to my set-up, and I’ll share some specifics of what I bought in another post soon, but I’m just getting WAY excited about all the creative possibilities. Luckily I have a handful of friends brave and willing enough to get in front of my lens pretty much whenever I want, so I’ll be doing a bunch of test shoots as I start to learn my new equipment. I originally decided to go the OCL route when I booked a wedding for October that will have an outdoors reception after sunset. But, now that I’ve got the equipment, I’m so stoked to start playing around with portraits–outdoors AND indoors. I’ve always been a natural light girl with an on-camera flash only when absolutely necessary, but oh, the possibilities that come with this new equipment are getting my creative juices a-flowin’. Stay tuned for some of my experimenting…

These images below are just a few examples of some masterful light manipulation with OCL…so. excited.

Clockwise from top: here | here | here | here | here


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