PINspiration | peaches and dreams

I’ve confessed my undying love for Pinterest already. But as wonderful as the concept is, there is one thing missing from it…all of YOU! So many of you read this blog and yet you don’t have any reason to be on Pinterest. (Hi, Mom!) So really, while I’m compiling all this inspiration and loveliness, only the few of you who are actually on Pinterest regularly get to enjoy it! So, I thought I could cure that with a new regular post topic–PINspiration! (Sidenote: I’m sure I’m not the only one using that word, but I also didn’t nab it off anyone in particular. It popped up in my little ole mind, just like I’m sure it did for everyone else. Just call me #captainobvious.) Now, plenty of bloggers already have been sharing their pinned inspiration (for a couple FAB ones, check out DESIGNLOVEFEST and Oh Joy!), so it’s not like I’m the first one to think of this. But, perhaps what I’m pinning will still be interesting to some of you! I know I love seeing what others find inspiring. Makes me get outside my silly little box and find beauty in something unexpected.

So, I expect you will start seeing alot more PINspiration on the blog…let the pinning begin continue!


link love: 1. Kate Spade NY | 2. The Windish Agency |3. Souce unknown | 4. from here | 5. sixthandmain Etsy Shop


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