erin gardner photography

It’s funny how life goes. The people who come in and out of it, for this reason or that.

Back in college, I worked for three years in the College of Education. I was in the News & Publications department, and Erin worked in the Dean’s Office. We saw each other now and then, mostly in passing, sometimes stopping for a chat. Then, we both graduated, moved on from the COE, and Erin ended up in Denver, CO. We lost complete touch for a few years, knowing little to nothing about each other, besides what tidbits Facebook NewsFeed chose to share.

But then I started a photography business. Still we stayed out of touch for a bit, until Erin also started her own photography business too–Erin Gardner Photography. I don’t remember what exactly got us chatting again, but chat again we did. Now we regularly check in on each other’s businesses through Facebook and our blogs, encouraging each other, exchanging frustrations, and just enjoying having someone else to share a little of this crazy photography journey with.

Erin recently got the chance to come back to Gainesville for a visit, and when she asked me to take her photos, I was all heck yes I will! I actually suggested that we exchange shoots, since my profile photos are due for some updates too, and we made it happen. Two crazy photographers, sweating it out in the blazing August heat, fighting the gnats and trying our best to hold onto a shred of prettiness. I think Erin looked lovely the entire time…you’d never know the kind of conditions we were shooting in if I hadn’t just told you. 🙂 Isn’t she just stunning?? Erin will be posting the photos of me at some point soon (I can’t wait to see them!), so I’ll share those when I can.

Erin, I’m so glad photography reconnected us, and I can’t wait til we get to shoot together again! 🙂

One lesson we learned during the shoot…Erin is excellent at jumping for pictures. I, however, am sadly not. Most of mine ended up with awkward bits and pieces of my body showing that were much better kept hidden. (dang skirt!) Yeah…you won’t be seeing any of my jumping attempts. (Right, Erin?? You best not post those suckers. No one needs to see that!) 🙂


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