pinning fool.

I’m late to the party. But the party is still hopping, and probably will be for a looong time to come.

What party is this, you ask?

Why, the pinning party of course!

If you haven’t heard of Pinterest…well, then you probably just don’t spend as much time trolling the internet as I do. (read: you are infinitely cooler than me) I’ve been hearing about it for some time, but it was just last week that I jumped on the band wagon and started to get my “pin” on.

In a nutshell, some genius came up with the idea of “pinning” images you find online that you want to save. Previously I was just going the old school right-click-save-image route, collecting tons of images in folders on my desktop. They were somewhat arranged according to what category they fell under (in my case–style inspiration, interior design, shoot styling, special projects, etc…), but it was a royal pain in my rear to rename each image to something that would remind me which site I found it on in the first place. Just not the easiest way to access inspiration when needed. Plus, I could only get to my inspiration files when I was on whatever computer I saved the image to…mega lame.

Then, along came Pinterest.

Now, I’ll be reading a blog, window-shopping online, or just looking for some inspiration, and if I see something I want to save/remember/share, I merely click the handy-dandy “Pin It!” button on my favorites toolbar. 

Voila! I can pick which “board” I want to save it to (mine range in title from “photography” to “cool stuff +things” to “fashion + style” and so on), and it does all the work of remembering the image’s original link for me.

And, even cooler, people can follow my boards to see what’s inspiring me, and I can follow other people to see what they’ve been digging on lately.

See…all my boards in one place! So! much! inspiration! Click here to follow my boards.

Good. Gracious. Does it get much better than that??

No, no it doesn’t. This is the epitome of excitement for an inspiration-web-troll like me.

Here’s a little snapshot of one of my Pinterest boards…it’s for a little project (hence the title “Special Project”) that I’ve got in the works, so hopefully sooner than later you’ll see this inspiration actually turn into reality. 🙂

Happy pinning, ya’ll! 🙂


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