24mm of lovely.

I’ll use any excuse to take pictures of Lexie. The lens I rented for this weekend’s wedding arrived yesterday–the 24mm 1.8. Oh. my. lovely. It’s pretty much just torturing me with it’s awesomeness, since I don’t think I’ll be shelling out the dough to own it anytime soon. But, since I’ve got it for three days, I figured I should put it to good use! Little Lex is pretty used to having a camera in her face at this point, but today she was extra cooperative and willing to pose. I swear, she was listening to my directions like she was human.

Lay your head here. Look up at me. Smile. Serious face. There, perfect, don’t move.

It was pretty cute. I think my favorite shot of the day is the very first one. I just love her little leg hanging off the edge of the chair arm and her tongue hanging out. Sweet little thing.

Some people take pictures of their kids. I take pictures of my dog. Yep.


3 thoughts on “24mm of lovely.

  1. Mom

    Ahhhhhh…my granddaughter!! I love all of the pics, of course, but slightly partial to #2 where she’s cutting her eyes and #9 where she looks like a puppy. I need a Lexie cuddle!


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