music videos. | inspired.

 gavin degraw. not over you.

I’ve mentioned before how much music videos inspire me.  Every month or two a few come out that just make me stop and soak in every little detail. This morning I was about to turn off my morning vh1 music videos and head to work when Gavin DeGraw’s* new video came on. I’d heard the song before and caught glimpses of the video, but I hadn’t stopped to watch the whole thing. And man…it was fantastic! Not fantastic in the super artsy way that usually makes me love a music video (don’t worry, the second video in this post TOTALLY falls in that category), but in the wow-Gavin-is-actually-kinda-cute-in-an-awkward-way and damn-girl-i-would-wear-every-single-one-of-your-outfits kind of way. I mean, I don’t know that I could pull off anything she’s wearing, but I just love the chick’s style…the cutoffs, the leggings, the baggy t’s, the vests, the messy-on-purpose hair, and especially her oxfords. I think I might just need a pair of those for the fall. Or for right now. I just love the styling for this video. Nicely done, Gavin. Nicely done.

young the giant. cough syrup.

I also saw this video for the first time this morning. I guess I’d heard the song once or twice, and it’s pretty darn catchy, but the video is just complete coolness. I love the washed-out colors off the pool setting, and I really wish I knew somewhere that had an indoor pool that I could use for a photo shoot. Can you imagine, a couple, all alone in an indoor pool…doesn’t get much sexier than that! The rest of the video is pretty excellent as well…love when the glitter and powder (?) sprays the girls, and the shots of the synchronized swimmers holding the kickboards are just lovely and interesting. All in all…coolness.

*Total side note…who else is totally stoked that Gavin DeGraw is back in action? His Chariot cd is still one of my all-time faves. Those songs take me back instantly to a volleyball tournament in Orlando that my team went to in 10th grade. I remember so clearly just sitting in the stands watching the other teams play, headphones on, cd spinning, and Gavin crooning in my ears. We were all obsessed with that cd. Funny how music can transport you to another time and place so clearly.


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