live. breathe. enjoy.

I think my brain and body have decided they are on summer break, ya’ll. Hence the lack of posting recently. July and August are always a bit slow for photo shoots (who in their right mind wants to shoot OUTSIDE in Florida in the summer? NO ONE, that’s who.), which I am a-ok with. I’ve gotten a chance to catch up on editing (only one shoot left in the queue to complete…ONE!), work on some new branding ideas, and just recharge. Even crazy people small business owners need some time off now and then.

I think sometimes I get caught up in the idea of being a “small business owner.” I put all this pressure on myself to work harder, longer, faster…thinking that must be the only way to get ahead in this industry. And while yes, it’s true, some damn hard work is required to start a business, I think you have to keep everything in moderation in order to keep your sanity. Especially when you are working a full-time job AND running a part-time business. I don’t know about you, but that’s exactly why I started photography in the first place—to keep my sanity! It was my creative outlet, my way of escaping after a long day in a cubicle. But then, it morphed into this “business,” this thing that alternately keeps me sane AND brings a whole new level of crazy to my life.

I’m not complaining, not one bit. I’m just saying…sometimes owning a business gets in the way of actually enjoying life. So, I’ve been making a conscious effort for the last month or so to settle down a little and just live. breathe. enjoy.

I’ve been reading more. (Necessary to my life like breathing.) I’ve visited my grandparents and spent time with family. I’ve had impromptu nights out with friends, or relaxing girls nights in. I’ve spent hours cuddling with Lexie while watching my favorite shows. I’ve seen movies I’ve been saying for months that I wanted to see. I’ve even been going on some dates lately (gasp…I know, right?? It’s been awhile.).

And you know what…it’s all been LOVELY. This little hiatus from daily blogging and weekly photo shooting has been a breath of fresh air and a chance to recharge. I’m shooting a wedding in a couple of weekends, and I’ve got a couple other shoots planned in the next few weeks, so things will be picking up again before I know it. But until then, I’m just going to soak in every…last…minute of my free time. And when the times comes that I’m back at it, blogging my little heart out and shooting things right and left, I’ll betcha I’ll be more excited about it than before.

Image by Jose Villa for the latest issue of Rue Magazine

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