thursday ramblings about some stuffs and things.

Hey ya’ll!

Long time no blog. Well, I guess it’s been three days since my last post, so I guess in real life that’s no time at all, but in blogland, that’s like, totally forever.

It’s a Thursday, which is not exciting for any reason other than it means tomorrow is FRIDAY(!), so let’s just do a little rambling rundown of some stuff, and maybe some things. Stuff and things.

Try to contain your excitement, peoples.

1. Project Runway

Numero uno, and super important obvi…the new Project Runway season starts tonight. I was a late-adopter of Project Runway, as I didn’t start watching regularly til season 5. That season took place over the summer after my senior year of college, when all of my friends had DESERTED me to go do fabulous things for the summer, or get jobs, or do whatever…except like 2 of them. So the three of us would get together, play cards, and watch Project Runway. Our summer was obviously infinitely cooler than our traveling friends’ summers. Duh. But, needless to say, I was hooked on the show immediately, and I’ve been a fan ever since. Glad to have something good on tv again, since everything else is in between seasons.

2. The Glee Project


Has anyone else been LOVING The Glee Project? Omglee…it’s fantastic. Such talent, great little song and dance numbers, and just enough drama to keep it interesting but nowhere near the amount of drama to push it into trash-tv zone. I may or may not be head over heels for Glee in general (What? You already knew that? I talk about Glee too much? It makes me look lame? Hush your mouths.), so having a little Glee action once a week while they are in between seasons is awesometastic.

3.  English Majors Rule. Spellcheckers Drool.

I’ve typed “in between” twice now, and both times I tried to spell it “inbetween,” which made spell check all pissy. I’ve have this theory that any person with an English degree has automatic rights to change the spelling and grammar rules of the English language as desired. (Ever “verbed” something? Well now you can. Because I said so.) So what if I instinctively want to remove the space inbetween in between? So what, spellcheck?? You don’t have an English degree, so BAM. English majors rule, spellcheckers drool.

4. I. Miss. Learning.

(Not my alma mater…but it makes me feel like I’m learning something just looking at this picture.)

For some reason this week I’ve been missing college. Not so much the friend drama, or the boy drama, or the papers and tests…but just the things that are oh-so-college. Like buying school supplies. Going to class. Walking around campus. Having roommates. Living your life concerned about nothing beyond the current semester. And really, dorkily enough…it’s most the classes I miss. I miss learning, having intellectual conversations with peers, feeling challenged and stretched, and gaining knowledge. You know how most people complain about all the Gen Eds they have to take. Those were the classes I loved the most. Getting to take things like Extreme Weather (during hurricance season no less!), or Oceanography, or Sign Language, or whatever random classes my little heart so desired . I just like learning. And I like to interact with other people who are learning too. And I miss it.

5. Re-Branding

I’m working on re-branding this lil’ ole site I’ve been calling home for the last year. Making some decisions about my business, where I want it to take me, what I want to focus on, etc. And, I’m thinking through some other things I’d like to talk about/share on this blog. You get a little taste of some of these things already, but I may be amping up the content in those areas. Yeah, still in the beginning stages, thinking, brainstorming, etc….can’t give away much right now. But stay tuned for some pretty big changes a-comin’ your way…hopefully soon-ish!

Alright, I think you just get 5 things today, since I wrote like a book for each one. Thanks for reading (if you still are!)…TTFN! (Ta-ta for now!)

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