jimena + luca | just because

Blog, meet Jimena. Jimena, meet Blog.

Jimena is my lovely new neighbor (well, it’s been a couple months since she moved in, so new-ish). I love when life just kind of drops awesome people into your life. I’ve been going to exercise classes at my apartment complex gym a couple times a week for about a year now. Usually there are a handful of people there, but no one really talked to anyone else. It was just get there, throw around a few awkward smiles, sweat it out amongst strangers, and then leave. Bo-ring.

But then, Jimena started coming, and another girl named Kenya. I don’t know what first got the three of us chatting, but chat we did…and now chat we do every week! I don’t know if the instructors love us because we are cracking up the whole time, or whether they are rolling their eyes behind our backs.  Who cares either way, right? Now gym time is social time too, which is such a breath of fresh air in my life.

Jimena is as bound and determined as I am to enjoy all the little free things our apartment complex has to offer, which is fun because now I have a partner in crime to hang out with! We hit the gym, the pool, and lately, the weekly screenings of Harry Potter movies in the complex’s mini-movie theater, complete with popcorn and sodas. This week our schedules didn’t work out to make the screening of Prisoner of Azkaban, so tonight after Pilates we are watching it at my place (because I own the movie, of course). We are even making dinner at my place, which is awesome-tastic. I love making new friends, and it’s such a blessing in my life to have such a sweet new friend just a building away.


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