sleep. or a lack thereof.

Oh guys. I am just exhausted this week. I am one of those people who can function on 8 hours a night but could really use a solid 9 for optimal performance as a human being. This week has already started out to be more of a 6-hours-a-night kind of week, and it’s killing me…and it’s only TUESDAY. Chalk it up to some projects that needed to be finished, combined with my insistence on maintaining some semblance of a social life, and trying to cook meals at home and get my workout time in. Good god. How do people have children, ever??? I am barely surviving and all I’ve got is a dog and myself to keep alive.

So, since luxurious, lazy time spent in bed is NOT on my radar this week, I thought I should torture myself further with we might all enjoy looking at some truly lovely sleeping spots. Because as every good sleep-addict knows…it doesn’t have to be a traditional bed to be a perfect spot to sleep.

Love the wallpaper and tufted headboard…

 via Emily Henderson

Who wouldn’t want to go to sleep and wake up surrounded by deliciousness?? Oh, and the canopy is pretty sweet too.

 Tim Walker via The Neotraditionalist

Mmmm, can’t you just taste how lovely a nap in that tent would be??

 via unknown 😦

Pretty sure I’ve shared this image before, but I couldn’t resist posting it again. The wood paneling, the crisp neutrals, the oh-so-soft bedding, the light, the chandelier…perfection. If I ever have an attic, this is what I’m doing to it.

 via The Pretty Blog

Love the asymmetrical ceiling. And the wood floors, with the painted details as well.

 via Escapade

Kind of really hate the colors in this room, but I LOVE the idea of painting the wall behind your bed and lining the edges with another color. I did that once with ribbon around the edges, which I thought was super duper coolness, until a friend called me out and said I just did that because I couldn’t edge properly when I painted the wall and was just trying to cover that up. He may or may not have been right. Meanie.

 via Little Green Notebook

 Floor-to-ceiling curtains? Check. Giant artwork over the bed? Check. Fuzzy lamb-like rug? Check. Little table at the foot of the bed? Check. Yes please.

 via Little Green Notebook

Love the chandelier. Love the delicate branches on the dresser. Especially love the oversized mirror over the head of the bed. For aesthetic reasons, people. Get yo minds outta the gutter.

 Elle Decor via Peppermint Bliss

It’s a treehouse. The awesomeness of this sleeping situation is pretty self-explanatory.

 via The Slow Life

Mirrored side table. Windows, windows, and more windows. Tufted footstool at the foot of the bed. And another fuzzy lamb rug thing. (I think I’ve got a thing for the neutral/white rooms…kind of calming in a sweet way.)

 via Peppermint Bliss

This last one might just be my favorite. Had to save the best for last. It’s a bed in a window. With a bookshelf. In a window. Like a window seat and a bed made a baby and then gave it some books. (Or something like that…) Pure perfection.

My Little Apartment via Maggie Rose


One thought on “sleep. or a lack thereof.

  1. Mila

    I loved the first one, and the black one with the rocking chair. I’m working on redoing our bedroom, and most of my immature friends immediately go “ewwww!”. It’s decorating, morons! I’m glad someone else is thinking about things like this!


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