5 things that make me really happy.

Does anyone else know about The Beauty Department? Well you should, because I told you about it here, but if you failed to follow the link that time, you should totally do it this time. It’s run by the ever-fabulous Lauren Conrad, along with her makeup-and-hair-extraordinaire-dream-team, Amy Nadine and Kristin Ess. Everything they share is pure magic.

Over the weekend they posted lists of 5 simple things in life that make them really happy. The simple things that make them feel good. You can read their lists here, and I thought that it was a lovely idea and that I should make my own list as well. I’m still kind of de-funkifying myself (although a fun weekend did help some), so this seemed like a fabulous way to focus on the positive things in life and say boo to all the negative thoughts that tend to swirl about in my head sometimes.

5 things that make me feel really happy and just good

…wearing leopard print shoes on any occasion.

via Honestly WTF

…not setting an alarm and just sleeping until I wake up.

via pulmonaire

…singing in the car at the top of my lungs.

via This Is Not New

…sausage, cheese, fruit and wine after a long day.

via A Cup of Jo

…traveling–near, far, old or new. anywhere.

via Lindsey Belle

What makes YOU happy?


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