4th of july | st. augustine

It started with a text from Hannah last Thursday.

What are you doing this weekend? Want to go to St. Augustine for a night?

My response?

Yes, let’s do it!!

It’s not often I have an open weekend, much less a long one…so it’s rare that I get to be as spontaneous as I’d like. This type of random adventure makes my world go ‘round. Gets me high on life, excited, refreshed.

So what started with a simple text, a mere whim, turned into a group of new and old friends taking time for an excursion, a meet-up in the oldest city in America to celebrate our country’s birthday…and just have some good ole’ fashioned FUN. We only had Sunday afternoon through midday on Monday to experience the city, so we packed in as much as possible–including a wine tasting, swimming in the hotel pool, jumping on the bed, a walk through the historic district, gourmet popsicles at the Hyppo, dinner at A1A Ale House, drinks and shooting pool at Meehan’s Irish Pub, late (late!) night laughter and reminiscing in our hotel room, and a trip to the beach.

Less than 24 hours, ridiculous amounts of fun, and I came home refreshed, renewed, and in love with St. Augustine.

Let me introduce my lovely friends who were so kind to let me stick a camera in their faces the entire time…Hannah (one of my best friends since like, forever) and her boyfriend Dom (who is hella cool and gets FULL approval as Hannah’s boyfriend), Dom’s roommate Steve (who I didn’t meet til this weekend and now think he’s super cool), Tom (a friend Hannah and I basically grew up with AND went to college with), and Abby and her daughter Zoey (long story how I know Abby…Melbourne is a small world, so Hannah knew her through ballet and I knew her a little from a summer job at Atlanta Bread).

Whew…so that’s the peeps! Enjoy the photos, and Happy Birthday, America. 🙂


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