style | dressed. to. shoot.

Oh snap! What is THAT??
Haha…that would be me discovering Polyvore and then proceeding to become obsessed with the site, and as per usual…I share my obsession over things with you lovely readers.
I’ve seen other bloggers making nifty outfit inspiration boards for awhile now, but I guess I just never realized how they were doing it. I finally clicked on Polyvore today, and it’s MAGIC. It’s taking my love for clothes to a whole new, virtual level.
Anyways, I wanted to test it out, so I thought I would borrow Carlie’s (of Gabriel Ryan Photographers) idea of showing what she would wear to a shoot.
This little ensemble I put together is typical of what I would wear to a shoot during the summer here in Florida (obviously not a wedding…we’ll tackle that outfit another day). I’m even going to break it down for you step by step, since there is total logic behind each piece. 
1. Sperry Top-Sider Bluefish Loafers: Admittedly not exactly fashion forward footwear, but they are COMFORTABLE. If I am shooting somewhere that involves walking through grass (fields and whatnot), these are a must. Ballet flats will flip off your feet too easily in grassy situations, and sandals make tripping even more of a possibility AND they get dirt between your toes. Sperrys solve all your problems.
2. Maybelline Lash Stiletto Voluptuous Mascara: It’s summer. It’s hot. I will sweat. More eye makeup would be pretty pointless because it would melt off my face, but I look weird with nothing on my eyes, so this mascara is the perfect little sweat-resistant pop I need.
3. Cover Girl Pressed Powder: Again…It’s summer. It’s hot. I will sweat. I don’t really want to add much to that face-mess-waiting-to-happen, so powder alone it is.

The Basics

4. Jersey Striped-T: More exciting than a plain old T-shirt, but still ok to sweat all over. (Sweat is inevitable. Gross, but inevitable.) Also, I tend to lay on the ground for some shots, so I don’t want to wear any materials that would rip easily or need to be dry-cleaned. Throw this puppy in the washing machine and bam! Ready for your next sweat fest shoot. Functional fashion, shall we say?

5. Colorful Belt: For some reason this week I am into color, color, and more color. So a green belt with a yellow shirt it is! I always tuck my shirt in during a shoot (I think it’s cute, but it also keeps me from any unfortunate underwear flashing.), so a fun belt is a must to pull the outfit together.
6. Jorts: Love them or hate them, jorts are just plain old COMFY to shoot in. I am particularly partial to the cuffed variety. Also, there’s the whole sweating situation again. You can sweat all you want and you won’t get any unfortunately-placed, Fergielicious stains.
Fun Stuff
7. Statement Ring: I learned this lesson from Jasmine Star…when you shoot, your hands are what the client sees the most. You are blocking your face with the camera, but your hands are right there in front of them. So bling those fingers up, baby! Give the client something pretty to look at.


8. Earrings: I love necklaces, but I can’t wear one during a shoot because my camera strap and Shootsac strap would tear it to shreds. So instead, I go for some fun earrings! My hair is always in a ponytail or bun when I shoot, so I opt for smaller, simpler earrings. (Sidenote: I linked to the actual earrings, but when I picked them on Polyvore, I didn’t see they cost over 2 grand!! Haha…so yeah, replace this with the Forever 21 version and you’ve got what I would wear.)
9. Headband: I heart headbands, in any situation. But like I said, my hair is always pulled back when I shoot, so a sweet braided headband adds a little pizzazz to an otherwise not so pizzazz-y hair style.
Ok kiddos, that’s that! A breakdown of how I dress to shoot.
Did you like this? Was it just weird? Or was it cool? Would you be interested in seeing more Polyvore boards on here? Did YOU know what Polyvore was all along and are you laughing at me for my ignorance? Do you wish I would stop asking you questions? 🙂

3 thoughts on “style | dressed. to. shoot.

  1. Sarah

    haha. love this. The first thing I thought of though, was “geez, shoes and makeup are the essentials, so if all else failed, is that all she’s going to shoot in??” LOL. 🙂 hehe. ❤ you!

  2. Sarah

    haha. love this. The first thing I thought of though, was “geez, shoes and makeup are the essentials, so if all else failed, is that all she’s going to shoot in??” LOL. 🙂 hehe. ❤ you!

  3. Once_a_King

    You know me — love the ring! Want a ring — looked up Aragorn’s ring — cost more than $100 — don’t want a ring that much!


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