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Well hello there, kiddos! I feel like I’ve been on my posting A-game for a few days now, but I haven’t really written all that much…just posted lots o’ photos. Which maybe you are all like thank God she shut up for a bit, we are only here for the eye candy. Or maybe you are all like I miss her redonkulus ramblings. Yay for more ramblings! 

Either way, I’m here for some ramblings today. And as always, I love me some list formatting, so here goes…

1. Tomorrow is FRIDAY. Like, the last day of the week before a THREE DAY WEEKEND!! Thanks for having a birthday, America. The day off work to celebrate your awesomeness is…well, awesome. And even more awesome…the spontaneous trip to St. Augustine I am making on Sunday, with the lovely Hannah and perhaps some other peeps. Yeah. Awesome.

2. Did you know that I used to have a firework-phobia? As in, hide inside and cry as your family blows things up in the driveway, or hide in the car as random strangers on the side of a mountain in NC inconsiderately shoot fireworks directly AT said family who is blowing things up. And by blowing things up, I really mean launching those alien bee thingys that make a horrible noise and fly towards your roof which will inevitably burn your house down because THAT’S WHAT FIRE DOES. (To clarify, our house was never set on fire, except in my recurring nightmares…which may or may not have caused the firework/fire-phobia in the first place…)

Thankfully, I grew out of the phobia (mostly), and I snagged this photo a couple years ago.

3. I am currently reading the first book in the Game of Thrones series…which so far is pretty excellent, but I’ve decided that medieval fantasy is reading better reserved for the fall. Don’t ask me why, but it feels like a fall book. Once I finish this one, it’s back to the stack of novels on my bedside table just waiting for me to devour them by the pool. (Devour is a weird choice of word. Re-read that sentence and replace it with “read them with enthusiasm.” Better?)

4. I’m LOVING the new song by Lissie, “When I’m Alone.” I want to do a photo shoot inspired by it. The clothes, the barn with the light streaming in through the walls, all of it. I actually really like the idea of doing concept shoots based off a music video. Hmmm…perhaps I shall have to make this happen…

5. I saw Bridesmaids last night, and it was hysterical. As expected. Not expected, however, was the adorableness of this man, better known as my new celebrity crush:

Le sigh. (P.S. He has in Irish accent. omg.)

6. I ran a whole mile without stopping a couple of days ago. To some, this is simple and a feat that deserves zero excitement. For me, it’s huge. I work out alot, but I don’t actually “run” for a workout very often. In fact, I probably have run any kind of distance in about 3 or 4 months. I kind of hate running, and it makes my knees hurt. But, it’s a killer way to burn calories, and it makes me feel all happy when I do something like survive a mile without dying. I’m thinking maybe (MAYBE) I will try the couch to 5K program again, just because I feel like accomplishing something. But no promises. I’ll keep you posted.

7. Little Lexie got a summer shave last weekend. Do you care about such things? Eh, probably not. This nugget is more for the ‘rents…who actually already saw these photos because they follow me on Twitter. So really, these photos are just because my pup is adorable and I show her off like she’s my child.

8. I recently discovered The Man Repeller. I don’t even know how to begin to explain the amazingness that IS The Man Repeller, so you should probably go check her out for yourself. Ok, I guess I should explain a little, so you have a teaser to follow. Essentially, she has a theory (a very correct one in my opinion) that wearing fashion-forward clothing, like you see on street style blogs, may garner attention from similarly stylish women, but it actually repels men. ie, the socks with sandals/pumps/anything except sneakers look. And this phenomenon is not a bad thing, but rather a favorable trait that should be embraced and exercised daily. I’ve been known to rock a man repelling look on occasion…maybe this is why I’m still single??

Yeah, go check out her blog. It’s hilarious and inspiring and all sorts of fashion-y goodness.

Ok, I’m stopping at 8 instead of the usual 10, because this post is hella long and you should really get back to work and stop slacking off by reading my blog. Go. Git.


5 thoughts on “ramblings about stuff and things

  1. Mom

    Love the before & after of Lexie, sitting in the exact same spot in the car. She looks adorable, as always! Also, very cool pic of fireworks.

  2. Clara

    ok. Listing back.
    1) love how you overcame your fear of fireworks. I feel the same way about halloween.
    2) yes yes yes please do C25k so I can cheer you on girl! Then we can run a race together!
    3) ooh – photo shoot that is music video inspired…I have guitars… 🙂

    That is all. You rock!

    1. Anwen Elizabeth Photography Post author

      Haha Clara….you are awesome. I would LOVE to run a race with you…that might just be the motivation I need to do this C25k thing…

  3. Once_a_King

    Yay for more ramblings!

    Plus — I take full responsibility for your fireworks phobia. You and I were playing “campfire” with your colored blocks when you were three and I played a practical joke on you. You were afraid of fire ever since.

    1. Anwen Elizabeth Photography Post author

      Do you think that was really why I was always afraid of fire?? I mean, I clearly remember the day of the block campfire, but I didn’t ever think that was what started the fire phobia. Hmmm…things to ponder…lol.


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