sarah + jared | maternity

Have you ever been absolutely, without-a-doubt sure that something happened for a reason? Like, there is no possible way that it was coincidence, and that someone, somewhere, MUST be looking out for you?

Yeah, it’s a pretty cool feeling, isn’t it?

I felt that way the first time I had dinner with Sarah and Jared. I’d known Jared through work for awhile, started seeing Sarah at some work social events, learned she was a photog (instant bond!), and finally we all went to dinner together. It was like a really good first date…you know, where you are definitely “interested” in the other person, but still feeling it out to see if said person is equally interested in you, and by the end of the dinner you are all like “I heart this person a lot.”

Haha, yeah…it was kind of like that. I just knew I was meant to be friends with Sarah and Jared. That first meal turned into a wonderful friendship that really filled a void in my life. In our short year of friendship, Sarah and I have gone to a photo workshop together, started the photo-enthusiast group For the Love, cried and laughed together over sweet bean balls and noodles, gone on a photowalk together, planned a concept shoot together, shot a bridal shoot together, and shot two weddings together (here and here). Add Jared into the mix, and the three of us have eaten more meals together than I can count, spent evenings just sitting, talking, and laughing, gone on photo location scouting expeditions, dorked out at the Medieval Faire, watched our puppies play together, spent many Saturday mornings at Tropical Smoothie and shopping together…and now we’ve moved them out of their house together.

I said goodbye to Sarah and Jared tonight. They are moving to Connecticut where Sarah is starting a new job as a professor at UCONN. They are headed into a new phase of life—one that will surely be filled to the brim with excitement and happiness. A new job, a new house, a new town, and a baby on the way. Life is going to be BEAUTIFUL for these two.

I couldn’t be a crazier mix of happy and sad right now. I am thrilled for the new adventures they have in store, but my heart aches that I won’t be able to plan dinners with them, or shoot with Sarah, or just hang out in their living room.

I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that they were put in my life at the perfect time, when my heart was hurting and I needed friends. It was meant to be, and I will be forever thankful for the year we had together.

And hey, there is always Skype, right? Good thing too, because I don’t want to wait for a visit to be able to meet my little “niece” who is making her appearance in September!!

Sarah and Jared, I love you both so much, and I am blessed to call you friends. I miss you already, but I am SO excited for this new chapter in your lives. Soak in every moment, enjoy the ride, and don’t forget that you are dearly loved.


6 thoughts on “sarah + jared | maternity

  1. Mom

    Ahhhhh, what a sweet post and terrific pictures! Thank you, Sarah and Jared, for being such wonderful friends with my Wendy. Just wish I could’ve met you too!

  2. Sarah

    and once again, I’m crying. 🙂 I love you too and am so glad that you’re a (huge) part of our lives. The pictures are wonderful, but you are even more so — and I can’t thank you enough for that. You’re the best and I love you! ❤ And Wendy's Mom — I wish I could have met you too! Maybe one of these days we'll be visiting at hte same time. 🙂

    1. Anwen Elizabeth Photography Post author

      Ok, no making me cry from 1000 miles away! Not fair! You can blame preggo hormones…I’m just a sap and I miss you. 🙂 Love you bunches!! ❤

  3. Sarah's Mom

    These are so wonderful!! I’m so glad Sarah and Jared have you as a friend and so glad that I had the chance to meet you!

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