Remember Europe | Heidelberg Castle

Journal Entry

July 5, 2006

Written on the train from Heidelberg to Munich, 9:25 am

Listening to: Straylight Run

I can’t believe people actually lived there! Sometimes I have a hard time grasping in my head that history took place. Like it seems as if it’s all stories and movie sets that we visit. But medieval people actually walked right where I stepped. It’s such an overwhelming thought.

Besides the amazing view…

…the most interesting part of the castle was the wine/beer room. There was a wine keg that took up this entire room! It held some thousands of gallons of wine. Ridiculous. They knew how to party apparently!

All photos taken on a Nikon CoolPix. (Yep. Major old school point-and-shoot. That’s just how I used to roll.) 


2 thoughts on “Remember Europe | Heidelberg Castle

  1. Jess

    BIG smile on my face!!! That was such an amazing day! I remember walking through the castle and thinking that Shakespeare himself stood where I stood. Plus the kegs were ridonculous. And high-five for being skinny and not knowing it. 😀


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