every so often.

It happens every so often. Creeps up and winds itself into little knots in my stomach. That feeling. That longing. That wish for something other than the here and now. That craving for another place.

It happens every so often. And the beginning of summer is always one of those times.

5 years ago, I was a month away from the month that would change my life. I was a month away from Europe.

I’ve alluded to this trip in the past, but since I wasn’t blogging at that time, I don’t have much online to actually show for it. But, I do have a journal filled with words from cover to cover, I do have photos I took on my sad little point and shoot, and I do have that longing feeling that comes creeping around every so often.

Since I don’t have any grand travel plans this summer, I thought maybe I’d share a little of my trip to Europe over the next couple of months. A snippet from my journal here, a photo there. If anything, just because I never want to forget. Those little moments, those perfect conversations, the wonder and discovery around every corner.

If I have to be here, I might as well dream about being there.


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