friday | inspired! | A Four Day Weekend


Yep, I have four (four!!!) luxurious days of nothingness stretching out ahead of me. I cannot even begin to explain how happy this makes me. I have visions of hours by the pool, lazy shopping outings, a mani/pedi, long walks with Lexie, and hours upon hours of napping dancing through my head. I have literally NOTHING written down on my calendar the entire time. NUH-THING. (I get giddy just thinking about it.)

The only kinda-sorta plan I have is to see Hangover 2 at some point with Sarah and Jared. Other than that, I will be getting my relaxation on in a serious way. Yeah, I still have a lot of editing and whatnot to do, but honestly I’m not even dreading working a little here and there…because it won’t be rushed, I won’t be stressed, and the work will be surrounded by other non-work lovely things.

So, in honor of the loveliness that is ahead of me, I thought I’d do an edition of friday | inspired! to get you in a weekend-y mood too. Kind of a random assortment…enjoy!

1. Cupcakes and Cashmere

Emily is the lovely author of this blog, and she lives a fabulous life in LA. She bakes deliciousness, wears gorgeous pops of color, and blogs about everything from style, to food, to home decor. I always come away from her blog wanting to bake something or go shopping.


2. Sterling Style

Taylor writes this blog, and her posts are a combination of delicious, healthy things to cook/eat, outfits she wears, and general lovely things that she likes. Her style is incredibly unique and so inspiring (girlfriend rocks a red lip like no other!), and I have actually tried at least one of her recipes (fried egg and avocado sandwich), and it’s a new favorite. Definitely a daily read!


3. Everyday Musings

Olivia’s musings are divine. She lives in Charleston, SC (one of my all-time favorite cities), and her blog looks exactly how I want my life to look…full of lazy meals with wonderful friends, plenty of travel to nearby cities (and faraway places), yummy food as often as possible, and old, historic buildings at every turn. Love. it. all.

4. The BlueLily Travel Adventure of a Lifetime (at least that’s what I call it)

BlueLily Photography was one of the very first photography businesses I stalked followed on a regular basis. I remember looking at their images, their lifestyle, their family, and thinking I want that. Well, a year and a half later, nothing has changed…I still admire them like whoa, and I am an even MORE avid blog follower since they began an extended period of travel. They are a husband and wife team (the girl’s name is Wendy…ha, coinkidink), and they have two young kids, and they are traveling THE WORLD. Literally. Like New Zealand, Japan, all over Europe and the States…I AM SO JEALOUS. They are shooting all along the way (both for their business and to document their trip), and they’ve been posting tons of photos and fun anecdotes on their blog. I swoon every single day when I see what new magical place they visited. And their photos…well, I teased you with two, but there are sooo many more absolutely stunning pictures on their blog. You should probably go to their blog right now, except you really need to get to #5 on my list. So hold that thought, check out #5, and then pop over to BlueLily.

5. And last but not least (never in my eyes!), an old Hanson song that got into my head tonight and just feels right. And if you don’t like Hanson we can’t be friends anymore you should just close your eyes, listen to the song, and pretend it’s some new hip band you love.


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