Best Laid Plans

Remember how every moment of last weekend was perfectly planned out, with time built in for naps and exercise to help me keep my sanity?

Ha. Yeah. Best laid plans.

For the most part, all the major events took place…with a few little deviations from the master plan.

First, my ambitious plan to make 4 dozen cupcakes in 2 hours and get home in time for a good night of sleep? Well, it almost worked…until Nancy and I got sucked into watching Bring It On (which neither of us had seen before, surprisingly), and I ended up staying up WAY later than planned. But whatevs, it was fun, and our cupcakes turned out uh-mazing. You can see a few of them around the monkey cake, which I take no credit for…that was ALL Cristina. (Isn’t she amazing??)

Then, on about 5 hours of sleep, I attempted this lovely garage sale…


…which totally got rained out, and resulted in the following (horrendous) photo…

I don’t know why I’m even showing you this. I. look. ROUGH.  

Yeah, picture me, Sarah, and Jared sitting in our sweet little shady spot, chatting about how those rain clouds seem to be getting closer to us…and then all of a sudden, a monsoon more appropriate for a late afternoon in August hits us. We managed to get the important things into our cars without too much water damage, but alas…by the time we got ourselves to shelter, we looked like drowned rats.

Oh, and bonus? I made a whopping $5.50 before the rain came. As in, I’d been sitting out there for over 2 hours, and I made $5.50. Apparently my junk really, truly is junk, that even the rabid garage salers who even kept looking at our stuff WHILE IT WAS RAINING didn’t want. Ouch. Insulted by the garage saling community. I’m hurt. (Is it bad that all the things I hurled into my car while it was monsooning are still sitting there? Yeah…that Goodwill stop never happened.)

So, garage sale done early meant I got to nap in the morning instead of the afternoon, which was lovely. And thank goodness, because I ended up staying at Bri’s party longer than my schedule had indicated, so a nap wasn’t gonna happen. Neither was the exercising. But Bri’s party was FANTASTIC, and I can’t wait to show you more photos. Here’s another little sneak peek of the amazingness…

Yeah, so garage sale done. Nap done. Party done. On to Jamie’s birthday festivities. Dragonfly was fabulous, as usual. There was general merriment had by all.

Then on to SpeakEasy. Super fun crew, very cool place I’d never been to before, delicious drinks, realllly interesting people watching…excellent times.

The crew (otherwise known as Jamie’s Angels):


We skipped Nelly’s due to more monsooning, but once it stopped, we headed to the UC to get our dance on.  Since I didn’t work out earlier in the day, I considered this my workout. Cheating? Nah. It totally counts.

Brunch on Sunday at 101 Downtown was lovely. Delicious food, great company…just lovely. I didn’t take any pictures though. Boo.

Then, rather than do the smart thing and go home after brunch, I decided to go shopping. Hey, in the words of Carrie Bradshaw, “Shopping is my cardio.” I finally found the nude-colored patent pumps of my dreams…at Payless! I can’t find a picture of them, so you’ll just have to trust me on their fabulosity. Here’s a photo of a shirt I bought at Forever21 instead. Pretty cool, I know. 

Alright, lunch is over…hope you enjoyed this kind of random weekend recap. 🙂


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