I so excited.

It’s Friday, Friday . Gotta get down on Friday. Everybody’s lookin’ forward to the weekend, weekend. I so excited.

Yeah, Rebecca Black’s words, not mine, but I’m stealing them. (What I wouldn’t give to hear William Shatner do a dramatic reading of THAT song.) They’ve been stuck in my head since Glee covered the song this week (which despite my loathing of the song, I actually liked their cover), and I’m definitely excited it’s Friday.

The weekend ahead is one of those that you know will be super fun, but you are kind of exhausted thinking about, because every single minute is pretty much already planned. Here’s what my weekend will look like, starting tonight:

Friday (Friday, Friday…)

5:30pm: Leave work (woo!)

6:00pm: Super quick dinner with Dad and Galan (my brother) at Subway

6:45pm: Run home to take the Lex out and change out of work clothes

7:00pm: Go to Nancy’s house to make cupcakes for little Bri’s birthday party tomorrow. And drink some wine.

9:00pm-ish(or whenever we are done): Go home, pack my camera bag for Saturday, maybe watch an episode of LOST before bed, and cuddle with the pup since I’ve been a bad mother and abandoned her in the evening too many times this week.

10:00pm (optimistically): SLEEP.


5:45am: Wake up call. Walk Lex, quickity quick shower and throw on cutoffs and a t-shirt. Put sunscreen on.

6:30am: Get in the car, suck down coffee, jam to something peppy that will wake me up a little so I don’t crash.

7:00am: Get to Sarah and Jared’s house to set up garage sale things.

8:00am: Garage sale starts. Money starts rolling in.

12:00 pm: Pack up whatever stuff I didn’t sell (which should be NOTHING, people, NOTHING. Because all my junk is just that cool that everyone will buy EVERYTHING.)

12:30pm: Drop everything that I didn’t sell (because I had a reality check at 12:05pm and realized my junk is really junk, and no one bought it) off at Goodwill.

12:45pm: Get home, count all my sweet moola from the sale, walk Lex, shower, change into something adorable yet functional.

1:30pm: Leave for Bri’s party.

1:45pm: Arrive at Bri’s party and commence photo-ing.

3:00pm: Stop photo-ing and enjoy party as a guest. Maybe eat a cupcake.

4:00pm: Leave party and head home for a nap.

5:00pm: Wake up from nap. Do some form of exercise to offset the 3 cupcakes I consumed earlier and drinky drinks I’ll be having later.

5:45pm: Walk Lex AGAIN. (Geez, pup. You’d think you could walk yourself occasionally. Lazy.)

6:00pm: Shower and get myself looking fab.

7:30pm: Jamie’s birthday shenanigans begin at Dragonfly. Pat self on back for exercising and proceed to consume mass amounts of sushi.

8:30/9:00pm-ish: SpeakEasy, Nelly’s, the UC, etc…

Some-ungodly-hour a.m.: Home and sleep.


10:00am: Wake up. Thank sweet baby Jesus I got to sleep in.

11:30am: Brunch for Jamie’s birthday at 101 Downtown.

1:00pm: Go home and nap. (Let’s get real. I may have only been awake for 3 hours at this point, but I’m SO going to nap.)

Annnnd finally plans are done. After that, it’s all about editing, blogging, cleaning, laundry, errands, grocery shopping, and whatever else I can fit into the day.

Hah. Yeah. Crazy, I know. But that’s just how I roll.

You really didn’t think I’d let you leave without making you watch Glee sing Friday, did you? Come on…it’s FUN FUN FUN FUN!


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