For My Momma.

I had originally planned not to post today, since I had posted Part 2 of Aleska and Aleska’s wedding on Friday, and then I went out of town midday so I forgot to tweet it/facebook it/give it the proper online love it deserves. So, I thought it should get another day to reign as my most recent post, but then…then I started reading through the blogs I follow, and alas, I’ve apparently made a big blogger error that also makes me a terrible daughter. (Yeah, woah. Double whammy.)

I didn’t do a “why I love my mommy/look at these cool vintage photos of my mom/my mom is the best mom EVER” post on Mother’s Day.

Oh man. Talk about dropping the blogger daughter ball.

It crossed my mind…because really, my mom is ALL of those things. I remembered to send her a card. And I called her yesterday. And I am totally ordering her present online today so she’ll have it only a week or so late, which she knows is like totally on time for me. But, I forgot to write a blog post.

Yeah, LAME excuses. I should have remembered blogging for my mommy last week and scheduled the post to go up yesterday. But I didn’t. I got all selfish daughter and talked her ear off multiple times about my life, and yet I forgot to post a blog about my momma on the day meant to honor her. Major (MAJOR) fail.

So, since I love lists, and my mommy, and vintage photos, and long rambling blog posts, I’ll make the “why I love my mommy/look at these cool vintage photos of my mom/my mom is the best mom EVER” post happen today. Heck, it’s only a day late…and compared to my typical gift-giving abilities, I’m getting better! (And you still love me, right, Mommy??)

10 Reasons Why My Momma is Amazing and I Love Her:

  1. She is my family’s rock. With everything that we’ve been through in the last few years, she’s the glue that’s held us all together.
  2. She went to every single sporting event/choir concert/extracurricular whatnots I had in high school. It’s one of those things I probably took for granted at the time, but looking back on it, I LOVE that she is part of so many of my fun memories from high school.
  3. She was pretty much the coolest mom ever when I was growing up, and I wish I could say I was aware of that at the time. Sad that so many revelations about how great your parents are come years later than they should. But now I can look back see these things for what they were. She was the master crafter. She always had something new and creative planned for me and my brother, and she never got upset if we made a mess. If we were having fun and using our imaginations, it was a-ok. She made my house THE PLACE TO BE when I was in high school. Everyone loved my mom, and many of my girlfriends still call her some form of “Mom.” She always said she was happiest when my friends felt comfortable enough in our house to go to the frig without asking. She let us talk her ears off and just enjoyed laughing with us about all the silly shenanigans of middle school/high school girls.
  4. No matter what our family’s financial situation, she made sure there were presents for me and my brother on our birthdays and at Christmas. In particular, I remember one year when she stayed up late night after night to make me beautiful clothes for my American Girl doll Samantha. Each piece had lovely details and gorgeous fabric, and those clothes meant more to me than anything she could have purchased from a catalog.
  5. She is the shoulder I can cry on, always. From breakups to fights with friends, disappointments to fears of the future, she is there for me.
  6. She cares for family above all else. She is incredibly selfless, always giving of herself, even when it’s inconvenient.
  7. She has THE BEST LAUGH, and ever since I was little I have always felt pure happiness when I could make her laugh.
  8. She is my biggest fan. I would not be the person I am today without her support and encouragement.
  9. She is my best friend. We talk every day, sometimes more than once.
  10. And last but not least…she is MY mom. I wouldn’t want anyone else for a mom, just her. Just my mommy.

Momma, I love you, more than I say, more than I show, and more than you know. Thank you for being you. Happy (Belated) Mother’s Day!

Oh, and I must complete the post with a sweet vintage photo of my mom. Isn’t she gorgeous?? (Sorry about the quality…lame scanner.) 

Yeah, my momma is the bee’s knees.


2 thoughts on “For My Momma.

  1. Once_a_King

    Best . . . blog post . . . ever!

    And yes, she is gorgeous. Always has taken my breath away and still does till this day.

  2. Mom

    Wendy, you are my precious angel. Thank you for making your mommy cry-a good cry. I love you so much!!!


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