Nothingness with a side of donuts. Enjoy.

34 more minutes left on my lunch break. What can I tell you in 34 minutes? Do you even want me to tell you anything, if it’s really just a whole lot of words strung together to make up a whole lot of nothing? Do you like lunchtime blogging from yours truly, or are you all like, eh…just show me some photos. That’s really why I’m here.

Hmmm…I don’t know the answer to these questions. (Well, I do know my Dad likes my rambling posts about nothingness, but he’s my dad. He has to.) But, see, I feel bad when I don’t have photos ready to show you, or wonderfully witty posts full of inspirational images scheduled ahead of time. Lunchtime rolls around, I realize I’ve got absolutely nada prepared for you lovely readers, and I get blogger-guilt. Like you would be disappointed if I didn’t post SOMETHING, even something as meaningless as a post like this one. Hmmm…or I just have an insatiable need to hear (see?) myself talk (write?), so I type on this here blog just for the fun of it.

Well, whatever the reason, here I am typing, at lunch, with nothing in particular to tell you. Let’s make a random list of things going on this week then, shall we? We shall.

1. I have come to the conclusion that I am a bad puppy mommy, because it has been brought to my attention (multiple times, and rightfully so), that I am NOT the alpha in my household. Nope, Lexie is the alpha and she thinks she owns the place. Example: She can’t go through a night without peeing and/or pooping on my floor, and she has been known on occasion to hop up on my bed, look me straight in the eye, and PEE. Yes. My dog peed on my bed more than once and I had to buy a new mattress as a result. I am much ashamed to admit this (because as the owner, it’s totally my fault that she’s such a little biatch), but I feel good now that it’s out in the open. Hello, my name is Wendy, and I am beta to my dog’s alpha. BUT. It’s ok, people. Starting yesterday, I began implementing some new puppy domination techniques a co-worker taught me (oh, you know her…it’s Yesi!), and I’ve already seen a little progress in Lexie’s attitude. She actually slept in her crate last night WITHOUT BARKING. Amazing. Anyways, I’ll keep you posted on her progress (because it’s fascinating, I know), and let’s move on to the next point in the list.

2. I’ve been listening to the new Panic at the Disco album on repeat for the last week, and I’ve decided I heart the lead singer and will be marrying him. Done and done.

3. I’m going to a wedding this weekend, and I did not find a hat or fascinator to wear in time. Bummed. But, last night I did plan out my outfits for the weekend, and I’m kind of loving the dress I’m wearing to the wedding.

4. This blog post is ending up hella long. Sorry, ya’ll.

5. But why not keep going, eh?

6. Today is Cinco de Mayo. I did not realize this til last night. I feel like I’m kind of old and lame that the planning of my Thursday did not revolve around imbibing a margarita (or two, or three) at some point. Instead, Sarah and I have dinner plans, and we will be partaking in some Asian cuisine. Yeah, Cinco de Planning Fail. We are old and forget about these random holidays. Sad times.

7. It’s 55 degrees in Gainesville today. In May. wtf, mate. I had a super cute outfit all picked out last night, and then I woke up to this nonsense. But, I ended up liking what I picked out on the fly this morning, so it’s all good now. Except my hands are FUH-REEZING (read: freezing), and that’s just annoying.

8. Are you tired of reading yet? I’ve still got 15 minutes left…time left to write more…muahaha…

9. Crap. I still need to pick out some sort of visual loveliness for you too. Time out. Time to browse my inspiration files.

10. Perfect. A photo of donuts. Because this post really couldn’t get any more random. (Yes, this was saved in my inspiration files. The “Wedding” folder to be exact. Because I’m already planning for my wedding to Brenden from Panic at the Disco, duh. And what’s better than donuts at a wedding? Nothing, nothing I say.)

Image via 100 Layer Cake


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